Thursday, June 19, 2014

Singapore - A Milly New York Moment

This was super fun to do. I had an amazing time dressing up and doing the make up... it's just a relaxing time for myself, I guess. 

It was for my brother's early birthday dinner and we decided to get dolled up and be fancy in Singapore. I did bring an evening dress just in case, always and some statement jewelery, of course ;)

I recently got supper obsessed with pearls. I wanted to bring my pearl necklace but when I tried to take it from the necklace hanger it broke and it fell apart, like my heart when I saw it... exaggerating, but true. It was from my grandma so I was just sad, so sad. 
Then I remember I have this pearl bracelet, so I brought it along with this chandelier earring. 
The necklace is now sitting in a silk necklace box where it should be until it got fix.

The dress is from Milly by Milly New York Original, chandelier earring is from Diva Accessories, the bracelet is vintage another gift from my grandma, thr ring is from H&M and heels is from a boutique in EX Mall Jakarta, it's called AMANTE.

P.S: There is a link to 15sec video below, click for more and press play!




Always have fun with fashion and the way you style them. Stay true to yourself, and be happy!

Stay Stylish,

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