Saturday, June 14, 2014

Singapore - More ice cream, please?

When we arrived in Singapore it was still morning, well, around brunch time to be exact.
So, we had brunch at Paragon and then we, well, I, had too many ice creams....


I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Singapore's $1 ice cream. I think nothing can ever imitate or copy cat that ice cream.... seriously! I've tried everything in Jakarta that wants to imitate that and nothing really compares to Singapore's original $1 ice cream! 
If you ever want to try them: it's really hard to miss them because they're all around Orchard Road, with the umbrella and ice cream bikes. Go try it!

And when my mom and grandma shopped in Takashimaya, my brother and I decided to go around by ourselves. 
My brother wants to get a headset, and we looked all over for it. 
We finally bought it in a store called, Stereo in ION Orchard. The beat was cray, my brother said it was legit dope... hahaha anyway the headset's brand is called Coloud (the pic is down below) and yes it was dope. I kinda regret that I didn't get it! It was on sale for god's sake, that's one sign already!

Lesson learned: if it's on sale and you want it, buy it and don't ever doubt it
Worst comes to worst, you can give it to someone as a souvenir or a gift. 

In Takashimaya Food Court near TORI-Q

So yea, and then I didn't get anything that day because when I scan through the stores like H&M and other stores in ION nothing really excites me, and I just thought I can get it in Jakarta - since they recently opened a new H&M store 15 mins away from my house. But the top in the picture below is from Indonesia's H&M and I saw it in Singapore's H&M also so I think it's everywhere... And the super super fluffy and soft short is from

Nevertheless, what I did get was another ice cream! YAYYYYY it was a green tea and everybody knows I'm all about green tea everything ;) so when I saw someone was eating it, I just gotta ask where they bought it. And it was so friggin good. I mean, the green tea was just on point. I love the texture and how tall the ice cream was. Super recommended. 

And in the afternoon around 3ish, we went back to the hotel, and just lounging around the room and the hotel's swimming pool. I took some selfies (...obviously) while dancing to Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft Charlie XCX. Love their music video!

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