Monday, June 23, 2014

Singapore - WANDERLUST

   That day, I went out with my friend who now lives in Singapore due to college.
I told her that I wanted to go to different places not only in Orchard Road. I was googling and I came across the name "Shop Wonderland" in Hajj Lane, my friend then told me that in Hajj Lane there are a lot of cute lil cafes along with vintage shops.
With no hesitation, we decided that our destination was to Hajj Lane!

   I love cute lil cafe! I'm so fascinated by it thus, every time I get the chance to drop by I would stay there as long as I could; it's one of my ideas of relaxing. 

   The colorful walls in Hajj Lane and around Arab Street are so much fun. It gives energy back to the neighborhood and excitement to the people who sees it. 

   We stayed at Shop Wonderland Cafe after wandering around the shops in Hajj Lane. I had an ice coffee and she had a cappuccino accompanied by a slice of heaven a.k.a red velvet cake! We had a lil girl talk and some gossips ;)

   Singapore is famous for the shopping experience, but I never thought that they have a terrific art collection.

   While we were adventuring around Singapore, I thought why not go to SAM - Singapore Art Museum? And so we did. We went from the first floor to the third floor, from the little rooms to the installations.  
I saw one of my favorite Indonesian Artist, Eko Nugroho #soproud. 
We took some pictures inside a dark room, so I apology for a few of bad quality pictures... 
We also went to the sound installation, where we listen to some playlist whilst reading letters. 
Accidentally, I was reading a love letter. I was so touched by it and it makes me sad. It got me thinking; how the Art of hand written letters are now has been replaced by emails, social medias, and even blogs...
I for one, believe that hand written letters can still exist. There are so many ways to make it fun and interesting; the unique envelopes, DIY paper, feather pens and so on. I want to have a pen pal, that'd be awesome!


Eko Nugroho, Indonesian Artist

What do you want to unearthed? As cliche as it sounds, I want a real true love full of understanding and care.

   We got some cardio by walking around Singapore; we met in Bugis area and walked to Hajj Lane... - I'm so happy of how proper Singapore pedestrian's area and the zebra crosses are. That's why, I don't mind walking from Bugis to Hajj Lane to SAM to Orchard, well, we did use the MRT to go to Orchard because we were kinda tired and we wanted to save our energy (the energy was later used to shop in ION Orchard! - blame the MRT Station that's located under the mall...) I got a topshop leather shoes with two buckles on it. So glad I made that purchase, so far the most satisfied purchase this year. All and all, it was a pretty productive day. I even got a birthday cake for my brother's birthday!

My ear-cuff is from Diva Accessories, my EPIC W E E K E N D outfit is from H&M, the skirt is from Cotton On, and the gladiator sandal is from Cole Haan in TANGS. And the yellow outerwear is a hand me down from my mom :)

Stay Stylish,

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