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I never thought that I'd be able to go to Europe this soon, let alone went to one of the biggest fashion week in the world, The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In. Amsterdam. I'm eternally grateful, I'm just beyond happy. I can't thank God enough for everything that I've had and been through in life. Good or bad, they're all priceless memories and life lessons. I guess, if you always pray for your dreams and work for it, it could happen anytime. Let god, He knows what’s best for you and when is the right time, for everything.

On to the outfit and the goodies that I got from the show!

   I had a pretty rocky start; couldn't find the 'right' outfit for the fashion show (duh, we have nothing to wear, right ladies?). I had to go through all the dilemma of trying all of the outfits’ in my luggage. Although I originally wanted to wear my Chanel jacket, I knew that it would be a hot day so I just changed my plan and ran downtown to see what's in Zara - my on the go closet ;)
   Found this cute little statement top, in Oranje of course - Netherland’s color. I then, got this really big and awesome bag from Bershka so I could throw in the goodie bag from the show, my camera, my charger, wallet, everything in it. Love the bag, it doesn't look like anything from Bershka and I got a lot of compliments when I brought it back to Indonesia. The top was also a major piece that everybody seems to love because it was the first thing that people see, a bright orange top with a lil skin showing on the side. Loving it!
   And of course, I'm only doing it right by wearing my Adriano Goldschmeid denim; he IS the godfather of denim, so in love with this pants so perfect for my petite body. Pair it with a brand new heels from Charles & Keith that I bought right before I went to Holland (Literally!... so I didn't get to break it through the leather just yet, so there are few blisters and bruises here and there because I had to walk around Amsterdam in it, thank god for the cabs that Mercedes Benz had on site). Lesson learned though, you should always have a pair of folded flats in your bag when wearing heels. This heels as you can see, is the dupe of Margiela collaboration with H&M, the different is it has a black sole and the MMM ones has transparent sole.

   My accessories are very simple, I brought everything from Jakarta.
Keeping it chic with some gold coin & chain necklace and then draw all the attention back; from the bright top and the gold chain necklace, to the face with purple earrings. I got some vintage bracelet situation going on as well. Keeping it simple is great but like Rache Zoe, I love stacking it! Since it was a fashion show, I to keep it to the minimum for my fingers, so I could work on the camera and getting my glasses when the show is starting by not wearing many rings, in this case, any rings, except for my daily ring.
"It's all gooooooood, baby baby!"

   The goood goood goodies, thank you L'oreal for the Hair Chalk and the Infinium Hairspray. My hair is currently ombre black to brunette, so I may not use the hair chalk anytime soon but I am obsessed with the hairspray. They work like magic, my hair stand holds very strong even after I sleep on it!
It gives texture, leaves a brilliant shine without oily looking hair because it has humidity protection and frizz defence (which I desperately need!) The best part yet, it is not stiff even though it holds for long hours! So you could simply style your hair any time of the day after spraying the Infinium Hairspray.


Zara top - website
AG Jeans - similar
Bershka Bag - similar
 Gold Coin Necklace - similar
 Hair chalk 
 Charles & Keith Heels

Stay Stylish,

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