Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Dorhout Mees brought us underwater for her SS15 fashion show with the title "O".
The atmosphere was calm, soothing and very whimsical.

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it" - Lao Tzu

Her miraculous fascinations towards the studies of microscopic difference between water crystals with simple geometric shapes versus water crystals which was meditated next, yielding complex mathematical shape definitely stunned me. Inspiration does come from everywhere and she amazes me with hers.

The mood was set by the time we entered the what looks like an auditorium at Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. Dorhout Mees then started her show with a video, giving us a sneak peek of the story she's about to tell us through her collection. The very well produced video was well thought of, it flows beautifully with the collection.

She mixes all the three things women lust in their closet, an haute couture looking dress that is ready to wear but still is the basic they need with an extra twist of print, fabric, texture and/or modern designs.

She always combined her designs with unconventional materials that are still wearable. Because according to Ms Mees, elegance in style and wearability are some of the most important element when it comes to designing.
Dorhout Mees that has achieved such an impeccable fashion journey and learning from the best by working at big designer names such as Bruuns Bazaar and Tommy Hilfiger.

"All our thoughts actually affect the cells in your body. I thought it was something special that something that seems so elusive suddenly became visible to the naked eye. ", that is became the base of my collection says Esther

Thus you could see; there are some ruffles, a lot of folds, sheer elements, undone cuts that looks like tears flowing, ripple effect prints, mirror effect, geometric pattern, lines, even down to the fabric choices that are soft like water and looks like how the water catches the sun shine. Even more detailed to the hair styling and the shoe designing where she distinguish the fabric that looks like a wet shoe, and suede that represents dry.

"The collection was a true treat for the eyes, you couldn't help but to be fixated as in trance by the beauty and impeccable detailing." says Isabelle from nowfashion and I couldn't agree more! It was like an art.

Special thanks to Ms Esther Mees and her Team

Thank you to Ms Esther Mees for the invitation and gave me the opportunity to attend your show. It was a surreal experience, an unforgettable one. It was beautifully designed; even right from the start and the collection really represent the whole story and inspiration of water crystals that transforms under the influence of the environment. The prints & ruffles are irresistable, with soft colors and delicate touches, yet the designs are very structural and contemporary. Your show was truly amazing, the imagination and the thoughts that you put into it is really unbelievable. Once again, thank you for such a great show. Congratulations!




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