Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oh, you pretty things!

Rings, H&M and Duepunti

This morning was pretty productive, if I do say so myself; woke up, did my laundry, took a bath, made breakfast, did the dishes, made some calls, organized some paper work and sent emails. 

But, all of a sudden, I'm not feeling well, my stomach doesn't feel good and I felt like I was about to throw up - which is not a pleasant feeling what so ever. And so, I decided to make some hot lemon tea and relax.
Whilst enjoying the tea, I came across this Russian devil cake in my camera roll that I had last weekend at The Cascade Lounge, Hotel Mulia, Jakarta. 

Oh, how I wish I can indulge myself with all that deliciousness right now...

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Have a delicious day xo

Stay Stylish,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

National Batik Day


On the 2nd of October; Indonesia celebrates Batik Day.
An annual celebration where almost the entire 249,9 million population wears Batik.

Whether it's a scarf or a loafer, the people's excitement and patriotism are really contagious. Even those who lives in other countries are celebrating it by proudly wearing batik.

Batik is a technique of manual wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. It is made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a 'canting', or by printing the resist with a copper stamp called a 'cap'.

Its beautiful pattern and traditional feel made Batik one of Indonesia's most popular heritage.
Not only that, each province and race in Indonesia also have their own Batik - and there are many kinds.

To celebrate the day, this year, instead of hanging out with my friends wearing Batik showing off our patriotism, I joined Yayasan Batik Indonesia as one of their model for the Batik fashion show in front of the first lady.

Yayasan Batik Indonesia is a nonprofit corporation that is a manifestation of the will of the equation lovers, artisans, entrepreneurs and observers of batik and imbued with the spirit of the Youth Pledge is also a partner of the Government work in developing, preserving and fostering entrepreneurs / national batik craftsmen.
I was excited to the point that I feel like learning how to walk properly in a catwalk is very important - since I have no experience as a catwalk model what so ever. And I guess, after watching fashion show I get a lil more confident in the way I walk. That and one thick novel above my head, just to keep my posture right. Head up, chin up, chest up, look straight, something like that.

Just like Oscar De La Renta says:

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you"

Monday, October 13, 2014



Tee shirt dress
$8.82 -

James Perse white tee
$105 -

Morgan black top
$95 -

Topshop Unique long coat
$345 -

Duster coat

NIKE white velcro sneaker
$465 -

Short boots

Brooks Brothers earrings

Pieces pearl earrings
$10 -

CÉLINE black sunglasses
$350 -

Karl Lagerfeld wide brim hat
$295 -