Friday, November 07, 2014

#JFW15 LaSalle College, Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Whilst waiting to enter the LaSalle college show at JFW’s fashion tent, I was asked by a TV reporter, 

What do I think of LaSalle’s fashion shows?

I say, well, I think LaSalle happens to be one of the nests of potentially great designers.

And I was right, fashion focused schools whichever it is, they are always great for you who wants to study fashion. When you're deeply passionate about fashion, especially if you want to be a fashion designer, it's good to know all the fundamental things to have all the knowledge and able to create something innovative and original. They will be able to nurture your potential and turn it into your gift.

These are some of my fave looks from the show, enjoy!


Stay Stylish,

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