Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh So Sexy Menswear Inspired ft. Zalora*
The picture may only have an apple tart but trust me, there were macaroons (s, as in plural) and chocolate cake involved.

Hi there, how are you today? I'm pretty good, but I can't say the same for my wallet tho. Hahaha
I did some damage yesterday. I went shopping and late lunch date with a lot of dessert with my best friend.

Talking about shopping... One of my tip to not go crazy when going out is first, EAT because what ever it is you're buying when you're hungry you have hungry eyes that not only wants to eat everything but also wants to buy everything. Second, make sure to know what you NEED, go to your wardrobe and see what key essential that you're missing to complete your looks. And third,  BROWSE the store's website to know what they have, and take INSPIRATIONS from instagram, tumblr and pinterest.
...Okay, I'm gonna keep it real, those tips works but you just can't tame yourself when Charlotte Tilburry is out with a new lip pencil and you want to get it right? so even though it cannot guarantee anything, it's worth trying :) It's all back to you and how you control your wants.

So some of the things in my wishlist were menswear inspired; a leather backpack, a pair of boots, a steel watch and an oversize striped shirt.
After surfing the mall for a good couple of hours I can't seem to find the exact item that I look for and ended up going home with the things I want but wasn't on my to buy list that day... teehee

...When all else fails, the trusty online shopping is super dependable and always there 24/7. Your next best bestfriend!
So after I'm done with my night routine and changed in my lounge wear, I started hunting for the things I couldn't find in the mall. My eyes wandered on Zalora's site. Being one of the most popular one stop online shopping on the internet land, Zalora have a million of choices. And my eyes was drawn in to the Swiss Army's watches on Zalora The sleek, simple but chic design won me over and they're absolutely going on my wishlist! The best part is its fast deliery, who wouldn't want that?!

Click on the pictures, or HERE to see more on what Zalora's 600+ local and international brands have in store and of course, more of Swiss Army.

There's something about women who wears man's watch that is so sexy...

And for y'all who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia be EXCITED because Zalora is having their pop-up store this December!
More info: 

Stay Stylish,

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