Friday, December 19, 2014

A Touch of Red, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia for Jakarta Fashion Week #JFW15

A charity was held in the spirit of promoting the importance of avoiding and overcome heart disease. This charity is dedicated for the operation of children with congenital heart disease, help the unfortunate and expression of appreciation to the donors.
And what better ways than combining good deeds with fashion? This year Yayasan Jantung Indonesia presented a fashion show with Indonesia's well-known designer, Denny Wirawan at the Jakarta Fashion Week last November.

Along with the "Go Red for Women" or "Beware Women" campaign, was chosen "Mamita, Spanish, Embroidery" as the theme.
A lot of meaning was generated from the title itself including; Mamita is mother in spanish, and Mamita as a starring in a film called Manolete that was played by Penelope Cruz. Mamita in that film is a mistress of Manolete, a matador who lived in 1917-1947. When Manolete was dying because he gored by bull, his last wish was to meet Mamita but unfortunately she could only met him through red roses that was sprinkled on his cemetary.

This campaign is an international movement for the sake of raising more awareness about heart disease and remind women to be more concerned to maintain a healthy heart. Nowadays, heart and blood vessel disease are two of  major causes of death of women in the world. 

Meanwhile during the press conference, Susan Bacthiar, the ambasador of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia, shared her knowledge about how this era women wants to have the same lifestyle as the men. Such as, consuming fast food, smoking, and drinking alcohol which has a higher risk for women. 
Susan also said, that there is a higher level of stress with women who has both family and a career as their priority. When handling both household and a job, there is a higher chance of getting heart and blood vessel disease. 
Sadly, a lot of women are underestimating the problems because they still think men are more dominant of getting heart disease.

The event was attended by Indonesia's public figure; Titiek Puspa, Maudy Koesnaedy, and Ruth Sahanaya and opened by singer, Nina Tamam.  The socialite started the show by walking on the catwalk wearing some of Denny Wirawan's Mamita creation. Among the socialites are; Wanda Ponika, jewelery entrepreneur, Anadita Makes, director of Passionnee Bread & Pastry, Rosaline Stella Lie, director of PT Savillas Consultants Indonesia and Dinna Satar, businesswomen.

My mom is a single parent, she works and take care of the family at the same time. I love her so much, my heart breaks when I see her get sick or even not feeling well. Thus, I always want to give her the best. The best health care, vitamin, and help her reduce her stress at home. She's the strongest woman, I know and she is, for me, the epitome of a phenomenal women.

Now, I want to spread the word of this campaign to you, so you can tell your mom, sister, grand mother, aunt, girlfriend, daughter, neighbor, friends, and all the women out there. Let's help each other, and every women towards a healthier lifestyle.


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