Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What WhoWhatWear says About My Type of Jeans (&Guy)!

So I took the quiz on How to Find Your Perfect Boyfriend Jeans and the result is surprisingly true! 

When it comes to my guy and my jeans, I like things more traditional. I'm all about the little details and steer clean of anything that's over the top. What I'm looking for is something good, simple, and clean-cut. But at the same time, I'm also a girly-girl who likes her boyfriend to be a little rough around the edges! I tend to be open minded when it comes to trying new denim trends, but I'm not one for baggage either! I opt for a fit with a darker wash and straight leg, to keep my silhouette looking long and slim. And obviously, top off my look the best way I know how... with a killer pair of heels!

I took the quiz twice because I have more than 2 answers for some of the questions. I usually do that to make sure I get the right result, haha. And I can definitely say that both answers applied to my liking! 

In relationship I like things to be traditional and I love the idea of chivalry. Same goes with jeans, classic blue jeans will lasts forever right?! 
At the same time, I'm open minded towards anything, including flares and love. Because I think, it's all about the chemistry and sparks between the two. Jeans should be fitted properly, and since I'm petite I like the ones that could elongate my legs! Oh, and make my booty looks good ;)
Personally, I never like anything over the top. I think, anything and everything that is "too much" is never good. I don't like drama either, ain't nobody got time for that! I just want to be HAPPY:)

Take the quiz and see what's yours❤️

Stay stylish,

*disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Doing it because I agree with the results and it's fun!

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