Wednesday, April 01, 2015

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Do you want to get to know me a lil bit better? If yes, please keep on reading!

You can call me Athaya, Thaya, or Thay
My birthday is on the 5th of February
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia
I studied Business, IT and ART
My first concert was Pitbull and you can read the story HERE
I'm 155,5 cm (yes, I'm petite thus the .5 counts haha) it's about 5'1"
I weight about 47 kilos
No Tattoos no piercings no pets
I have one little brother
I will be turning 21 on my next birthday *WHOOP WHOOP*
I do color my hair stay tuned on my instagram for an updated selfie
After doing some creative directing, marketing and social media correspondent last year, this year I'm freelancing. 
Cultural background: a mix of Indonesian; Javanese mostly. But I do have some Dutch, Portuguese and Arab blood in me from my ancestor

My favorites:
Film: Can't pick one in particular... I have so many in my mind but I love chick flicks, actions and biography film like Diana Vreeland "The Eye Has To Travel"
TV Show: Castle, Empire, Friends, Phineas & Ferb
Colors: I can't decide, it depends on what when where how and so on
Song: Fucking Problem by ASAP ROCKY I can never get bored of it, and lots. I really can't live without music. HERE for more. Any genre is fine by me, as long as it makes me feel some typaway or dance so yea.
Book: Same goes with films, can't choose one... but I love old romance novels from old bookstores, history and ART related books.
Food: anything. I love Mexican, Indian, Italian, INDONESIAN #nomnomnom
Candy: as long as it's not sour, I'm good.
Pick up line: Hi, I like your ...  (something complementary is always a good start, sweet and simple)
Jewellery: rings, especially the ones from my grandma. And earrings, I really think earrings give more sass.
Childhood tv show: Totally Spies, Madeline, anything from Disney (but not the princesses) and Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon

Eating... A bread with Nutella and cheese spread
Wearing... yoga pants and a pale blue crop top, casual mornings.

Do I want to have any Children? yup, of course. 2 or 3 kids
Do I wanna get married? yes I wanna get married. I've been planning on my wedding's playlist, atmosphere, flowers and dress ;)
When? when the time feels right, I trust god's timing but probably not in the near 2 or 3 years
Careers in mind? Public Relations or Business related, I feel like. In Fashion, of course.

Do you believe in...
Love at first sight: Love is a strong word, I believe in a sparks or attraction at first sight. Like you have some kinda feeling, but not love. Because love requires a get to know each other process.
Kissing on the first date... Depends on the vibes and chemistry, if everything feels right then why not. But obviously, a sweet lovely kiss.

Quality in a partner
Funny, smart, and open minded.

Turn ons: the ability to dance, good taste in music and fashion, especially the everyday style and someone knowledgeable
Turn offs: negative thinkers, not owning their mistakes, bad manners (table manners and the way they talk)

The reason I'm blogging: READ HERE
Meaning behind the blog name, it's mine so I put my name on it. And style because it applies to everything I love: fashion, music, food, travel, life.

Last time I cried: when I went to the Emergency Room, last Thursday. I felt very weak and so sad that I had to make the people around me worried.
Last time I said I love you was this morning to my grandmother on our daily phone calls
Last book I read: Something Borrowed
Last person I talked to: my brother
Last time I get insulted: yesterday, someone said my lips looks like shoes' sole because they're plump. Hahahah I deleted the comment though, I don't need negative vibes on my page. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate, and I don't care care care care.
Last sport I played: yoga
Last song I played: Ciara, I bet
Last movie I saw: Fast and Furious 6
Last country I visit: The Netherlands

Fears... heights, because I'm petite
Three things close to me: coconut and lemongrass body cream, a glass of water and L'Oreal true match foundation
Places I want to visit: Greece and London, two very different climate
The weather today is... sunny! I love the blue skies and pretty clouds.
When I'm sad I just cry it out, listen to my mood booster songs and have positive things in mind. Such as my happy place:

It takes about 1 hour for me to get ready in the morning and shower about 15-20 minutes, I think
I've never been in a physical fight and not planning to. I'm not into negative vibes, I don't like the dark clouds I like the sun
Desktop computer or laptop? both, but recently I've been using more of my laptop
Hamburgers or Cheese burger? Cheese burger with bacon, no pickle and no tomato.
Have I ever pull an all nighter? yes, during examination month for my ART preparation.
What do I think when I woke up? What's on today's calendar and what to eat for breakfast.

Stay Stylish,

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