Friday, June 12, 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 - Steven Tach, Fashunica

Hoping to spread his wings to the international market, Steven Tach swerved his direction from interior to fashion design. Although it is not far apart, but he felt like in fashion he can expand more of his creativity and reach other markets.

His main inspiration comes from his own country, Japan. But, Steven proves that inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.  He said, and I quote, "I can see one thing and it becomes an inspiration to me, then I'll just design it"

He admits that being exposed to Indonesian tradition and working with the Indonesian traditional fabric could be challenging. For example, the layout and placement of the beads and other accents.
However, it seems like the difficulties he faced didn't stopped him. He said that he would love to combine Indonesian fabric such as, kain tenun with Japanese fabrics. How awesome, I for one, cannot wait to see how it turns out! 

It was refreshing - and a very proud moment too, when I saw the 15 collection down the runway.
Steven, the young and talented designer did such an amazing job transforming traditional fabrics from Bali, Cirebon, NTT and so on, to a modern design.
This modern twist was a combination of Japanese and Indonesian culture. For example, he used the pattern of a kimono or yukata with Indonesian fabric that has a drapery like how a traditional kain kebaya should be.

This was achieved in order to reach more attention from the international market, which was the main goal. Introducing Japanese and Indonesian culture to the world - one of the vision and mission of this blog, btw ;).

For more info of STeVeN TACH:
Steven's instagram
Steven's twitter


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