Friday, July 03, 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 - Siddhart Shashankan

Naming Indonesia Fashion Week his third international show and coming from India, Siddhart Shashankan gave a different flavor to the runway. Something that the Indonesian crowd not often see, he brought rich colors and spice to his designs. It's true to its culture whilst having its own modern twist. Which exactly is the character of HANGAR, Siddhart's very own label that he also creatively direct.

The label was launched in 2009, aspire to inspires individualism and experimentation in both traditional and non traditional ways. When I'm styling I always have classic images on my mind, so it will never go out of style and I'll never forget to put some edge into it. So when I saw the pieces down the runway, I was in awe. It's like he read my mind and taking it 10 steps forward, sooooo stunning. "Intricate detailing and designing techniques in innovative styles with high quality fabrics and finishes is the core DNA of the brand." Thus I can't help but introduce myself to him after the show. And I was right, the show was amazing, so many great reviews and the audience really enjoyed it.

Not only that he did such a good job representing India, he also managed to send an important message through his show. The collection was called "Aggrandize" inspired by the endangered tigers in India. He expressed his desire to fix the natural damage that causing these tigers to almost become extinct. A very touching story that people needs take seriously and put in action. He then continue his social contribution by making these clothes from high quality, elegant fabrics that derived from materials of sustainable resources. 

For the label itself he's usually using cotton and gerogettes but for this show he's using silk, satin and crepes. Fabrics that he's actually familiar with for custom or upon request order from his customers (both, men and women). He also owns a ready-to-wear retail collection called, Clipse. All the best for Siddhart I believe in what he stands for and can't wait to see more of it!

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