Tuesday, December 27, 2016

More Life.

Hey guys,

By now you must know that life is more than what appears on social media.
So much going on lately that I can't keep up with what's going on.

Sometimes my problems takes over then I talk to God, I pray to Him and ask Him to stay with me along the way. I also know that my problem is nothing compare to the world's problem, and I should be thankful because if God gives me trials it means He knows that I'm strong enough to face it and it means that He still loves me. "Count your blessings" someone once told me that, and I tried to remind myself to say what I'm grateful for every morning and every night before going to bed.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016

More Blessings.

Hey guys, welcome to December, welcome to the Holiday SZN! 

Spend this holiday season with...

More time with family and friends - or basically, the most important people in your life. 

I miss my family even though they just came to visit me a while ago. I was so excited that I cramped a whole agenda during their 4 days stay. I brought them to my favorite places, took them to places they want to go and most importantly I spent as much quality time with them as possible. So this holiday season, I'm thankful for the time I spent with my family. 

I'm glad that I've found my closest friends here, and starting to find people who have the same interest as me, they're unique in their own way. And I got my friends that are always there for me no matter what, they're kind of amazing.                          
You'd never know when is going to be the last time for everything, so make sure every second you spend with them is precious. For example, holiday season 2014 turns out to be the last time I met one of my best friends before he left for university and I'm busy with work. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together that day but we did things we like. Car dancing, bowling, ate really good food and we hugged at the end of the night so it was a quality time spent with my best friend. 

I just want you to make sure that you'd never regret the last time you met someone and thinking "We should've done that!". Even if it's only a dinner, a phone call, a text message, make sure you focus on them and listen to them. Make sure you show your appreciation towards them and tell them how important they are to you.

Just recently, someone remind me that anything should come in two ways, don't be open to someone who doesn't open up to you. In this case, make sure that in friendship and relationship both of you have an equal "give and take". Or else, how do you supposed to trust someone?

...more importantly, "don't take people and time for granted"

More self-reflections - self reflections will force you to look back and think about all the things you wanted to do; whether you've done it or not, just take a look at your resolutions for that year, are they all checked? Or do you still have things you want to do? And start preparing on what you want to achieve for the next year. 

Even if you're not the 'resolutions' type of person, it's nice to set targets or goals for the next year just to measure your progress towards whatever it is you want to achieve. 

Not only for goals, but self-reflections is also about YOU, literally, YOU. Your health, your well being, your peace of mind, your happiness, what's missing from YOU? and try to find that. What should be done so YOU can be the better version of YOU stepping into the new year?

"You are yours before you're anyone else's, love yourself first"

More just-do-it attitude, lately I've been having that 'you only live once' moments where I just let loose and don't think too far or too much and just do it. It doesn't always have the best result or give the result that you want to but sometimes it's nice to just do whatever it is you want to do, say or feel. I'm pretty straight forward most of the time, so it's extremely freeing when I get to just do it.

"Do everything you've been wanting to do, and do it now"

More accepting towards things and people - nobody is perfect, not everything can go according to your plan and not everything works as it is expected to. And sometimes, people is not as what they seem they are. If you like them or love them enough you'd accept them for who they are, you'd help them to be a better person. But if you can't accept who they are, or how things are not going your way then don't sweat it. Just leave it, leave them, find other things that makes you happy! There's not enough time in the year to worry about things that makes you unhappy. For me, I only have time for positivity, things and people that makes me happy.

"Anything that cost you your peace is too expensive"

More time with your significant other - ooh la la! I'm the happiest when I see someone find their better half, finding that love that everybody craves. Nothing beats that feeling, the feeling of loving someone and being loved back. So If you do have that special someone, show your feelings towards them, your passion, show it with words and actions.

"Actions speaks louder than words"

Friday, November 04, 2016

The Letter

After a year, Kehlani is still on rotation. But this morning, the song 'The Letter' really touch my heart. Honestly, when I say let's get personal I really meant it. I want to share my life story, I'm done keeping it all to myself. I've realized that I sleep a little better when I share, I breathe a little lighter when I let go...

Without sounding preachy, I just want to remind myself and my reader that even when you're feeling like you're at the lowest point in your life, worthless and like no one in this world loves you or care about you, the universe is there, your creator is there to watch over you, I believe that God is there, he's closer than my own veins. My mother always taught me to be grateful, to say what I'm grateful for when waking up in the morning and going to bed at night.

This morning I realize that I wake up today, I'm still alive, I'm healthy and that means I have purpose. I have purpose in life that God wants me to do. God knows that I can do it, I'm not done yet and I have all the power in me to finish it. I, sometimes, don't know what it is. I get lost. But I know that it's just life. You get lost, you'll find the way, you'll learn from your mistakes and you're one step closer to what's meant for you.

I try to remind myself all that,when things go wrong or when people doubt me...

The first person that ever doubted me was supposed to be my hero, the one person that I should have a special relationship ever since I was a lil girl, the person that I should be able to go to every time I have problem and will fight for me no matter what.

But then again, sometimes it's just what the society wants you to think or things don't go as how you wanted. You just have to make it work. 

I'm not mad, I'm not sad... In that moment, I realized that things might go differently sometimes but as long as you're happy, you ain't got nothin' to worry about.

Let the reality sink in, let it knocks the wind out of you then move on.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

9AM On A Wednesday. You Should Be Here.

Louis Vuitton Jacket, Balenciaga Jeans

What touches your deepest heart? What makes your soul comes alive? What makes you happy? What do you believe in? What makes you cry? What's your life story?

'Life story' is really important to me. Intriguing how everything that happens in your life builds up and make you the person you are today. For those who haven't been reading my blog, that don't know me personally... This Kehlani intro is a good introduction to everything. I mean everything that I say, I always do.
    "They say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And as much as anyone can say how invincible I seem or how fearless I am or how brave I must be. I'm still human. And I've seen things and I've felt more pain than some will in their entire lives, all before the age of even being able to buy a fucking drink at a bar. But I have to be strong, not for myself, but for a greater purpose, because I feel like my duty is far beyond me, you know? Beyond saving my family. It's for the world because somebody out there really needs to hear this. So to anybody who isn't here to see how far I've gone or how far I've yet to go. To family or friends that didn't believe in me, that didn't make it or that I lost along the way. Or maybe someone I gave my heart to that didn't know what to do with it. You should be here."

All I ever wanna do is to be there for you, see the good things in you, understand your battles, listen to your story and help you grow and be a better person. I truly think as humans, we need each other to make the future brighter.

I have so much love, story and energy to give, my mind is busy like an overcrowded subway filled with creative thinking and I need your help, your support and your guidance along the way. Would you help me?

If you would, I know it's still a long way to go. So please stay here. Stay with me. Let's get more personal.

Stay Stylish,

disclaimer: I did change a few words in Italic to fit MY story.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

2 cents: Love Games

Hey guys,

I bet, we all are having a lot of things going on in our lives lately. I feel like things keeps on popping up. One down, more things come up. But there's this one thing that stays lingering on my mind... Love life. It's not like it's an urgent matters, just the fact that we all want to have someone to share our days with. However, I feel like I've been out of the game for quiet some time and the dating thing have changed completely and getting more gamey and casual. I'm more of a traditional type when it comes to love and romance; my ex called it exclusive. And since life is getting busier, we don't wanna play no games, am I right? 

I'd rather spend my energy building each other's future and making each other's dream come true. Make each other a better person, having fun doing silly things together but without doubting each other's commitment or feelings. I kept on thinking maybe it's him, maybe it's me, maybe it's the timing (you know, God's timing). Thinking of changing but at the same time, don't the right person will love us for who we are? Accept us, support us and make each other a better version of themselves and so on...

But then I stumbled upon this article on Facebook and truly, it explains everything...

Somehow, somewhen people starts thinking of dating as a casual thing when it actually involves heart. Somehow, somewhen people are not able to express their feelings freely... And exclusivity becomes a rare thing... I just thought I'd share it with you guys and maybe it will help answer your self doubt or relationship questions.

My suggestion is, be yourself and don't be afraid to do what your heart tells you to.

Read more: Why Modern Dating Makes Me Want To Punch Myself in The Throat

Stay Stylish,

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eyes On You: Russ

I came across Russ during the BET Hip Hop Awads The Cyphers, he spit some bars on one of the clip and I'm hooked. His vibe, his style, his music.

I went about my day and started my Spotify premium *what a god sent*, and stumbles upon Russ again, it was this song "We just haven't met yet" that really got all the feels for me. Every lyrics, was right on and I began to listen to his other songs and they're amazing.

My favorites are:

Do It Myself
The one
Losing control
What they want

Imma stop rambling now and lets you listens for yourself...

Stay Stylish,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


From reading my blog, you must know a thing or two about me, things that I realized I was telling you and things I wasn't aware that you pick up. They said..
"We see things, or people not the way they are, but the way we are"

Here I am, writing a thing or two random facts.
These questions are from the '50 Facts Random Tag About Myself'.
So enjoy and keep on scrolling because at the end there will be a surprise for YOU! :)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Got bra-blems, Ma?

Hey guys,

For all you boys, this may not be of your interests but it's important for my ladies out there.
Because I want to talk about the bra-blems a.k.a bra problems.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

ISBeauty #2

Hey Beauties!

Still on that Hari Raya vibes!
This morning I woke up to a good feeling. It's so refreshing to see less to no traffic in front of my Apartment. Usually it's hot, humid and jam pack with traffic. I think, Eid al Fitr week is the only time I want to be in Jakarta.

Today, I'm back with the second edition of IS Beauty. I'm soo flattered by the nice things you said about my beauty routines and make up. Thank you so much!

...And as much as I love make up, I am excited to talk more about skin care. It's important to balance the two, because your skin is going to be with you forever. You'd want to take care of them the most.

I'm going to talk about some of the basics you might need in your skin care regimen. Keep in mind these products are according to my skin type. You could always adjust your skin care to what's suitable for your skin type.

Disclaimer: I know that most of these products are high end. And even though expensive skin care could bring more advance proof or feel more luxurious, it doesn't mean that affordable products will not give the result you'd want. Remember, you don't always have to splurge on it. You do you boo!

Let's get started.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dance With Athaya #4: On Repeat

Are you the kind of person that cannot live without music? Yes? You and I both!

Ever since I was small, my grandmother would play classical music every morning, everyday. 
Going to school, my mom would play Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Frank Sinatra, Lisa Ono, David Foster.
After school I'd listen to music on the radio and when I got home I'd play my own music, and dancing and working on my homework to it. 

Up until now, I still play music in the morning when I wake up while getting ready and on the way to classes, also when I'm just chilling doing my work. I can't seem to be separated from my music! It's cray. 

And this few months is the best time to listen to music, because...

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

ManusXMachina Best Dressed, Met Gala 2016


Met Gala is THEE ball. 
With the extravagant guest list and the extraordinary theme every year, MET GALA always keep us in awe.

The crème de la crème of Hollywood, models and IT people are there in attendance. All dressed up and ready to have the time of their life.

Sadly, not attending is badgalriri giving us LIFE. But not to be disappointed, others came to give us what we're looking for... DRAMA.

This time around, the theme is Manus X Machina which means Man VS Machine. It's fashion in the age of technology. The event is co host by Taylor Swift, who came and slay in short dress *thinking that maybe, she's changing her image.

Here listed are my best dressed lists.

Started with Karlie Kloss who arrived in a cape, underneath is a white floor length dress by Brandon Maxwell. For the after party instead of changing into a short dress, Maxwell cut her dress into a mini dress. I mean, that's what we want. 

And for Mens, I loooove yes, I love Kanye's outfit. I dislike the fact that he didn't come in tux, but that's the best part. THE DENIM JACKET IS OH-MAZING thanks to Balmain. Also, who can pull of jeans on a red carpet more than Ye? 

Best dressed couple, HADDDDDD to go to these two lovebirds. Not enough hashtag relationship goals could even describe Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Their love filled the room in the non PDA or obnoxious way, very romantic and makes all of our hearts melt. Also, they look so damn good hand in hand, Rosie in Ralph Lauren and Jason in. Can't wait for their nuptial.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


 It's been a year since I went to the US with my grandma for a month. 
It was a dream come true and I'm so grateful to have spent it with her.

I'm so close to my grandma, I used to live with her for a long time. And since I'm studying abroad now, having that quality time with her was incredible. She's extraordinarily inspiring.

My grandma is a lot of things. She used to be in the pageant, she knows all about gun and how to use em, she dances sooo well, she dresses impeccably, she speaks more than 5 languages, she used to own a boutique, flower shop (our house had the most beautiful flower arrangements) and a saloon. Like what? And in between all that she had to fit in the schedule of being the wife of head of customs in Indonesia and a mother of 7 kids.

 She is inspiring, in the way she lives her life, her attitude, the way she thinks and the outpouring love she has towards her family.

Whenever we have time together we always do our tradition, such as going to the saloon, have a cone of ice cream, go to the cinema or have a girls day out. Sometimes, she asks me to accompany her to 'arisan'* and when I do, her friends always spills the bean about how she was.

According to them, she was popular because she's very sociable, smart, kind and pretty. She used to go to school with big earrings that she designed herself, and people call her Sally, short for Salamah.

Guys with the rank of a general to entrepreneur, they came to her house on Saturday nights and brought her flowers - hoping to get her heart. 
She always told me when it comes to love:
"the right one will come on the right time, and when he does you'll feel it".
That's when she chooses my grandpa, my grandpa might come from a humble family however he was the definition of what is a gentleman should be. He was brave, confident, humble, loyal, royal, passionate, patient and have the qualities of a chivalry. 
Three months after their first date, they got married and have 7 children and 16 grandchild. 
They better each other, support each other and love deeply towards each other. They never fought, maybe once in their 30+ years of marriage.
My grandpa passed away 22 years ago, exactly a year before I was born. Though, she was alone but she always stays positive and strong. She is indeed, one of the strongest women I know. 

She is very creative, and detail oriented as in she always found ways to keep the fun and excitement in the family. Like arranging a Japanese style dinner, or holidays. Keeping the family close, with her authentic charms. I think, that's why my family is very family oriented.

Her taste is on point, I'm sorry LJ, but Uti is the first one I turn to for styling tips.
She ages very gracefully and stylishly. When I told people that she's 82 years, no one believes me. When we were in the US, they thought she's my mother. She said, this is due to beauty secrets she did when she was my age. Like, tea mask, body scrub and 'jamu'**.

I try to call her at least twice a week, I miss her so much! her hugs and our lil beauty routines together while watching telenovela. Also, she lovessssss music; any music, classic, orchestra, and even when I play hiphop she'd be nodding her head. J'adore, Uti <3

Oh, did I tell you... She has traveled the world, from Monte Carlo, to Ka'bah, to the Niagra Falls, to Big Ben, to the land down under... She has seen it all, and that is #lifegoals.

*a social gathering that takes place at a fixed interval, each member will take turn. The rotating arisan holder (drawn by lots) receives payment from each other member and provides food for those members. In the course of the arisan the amount paid to other members will equal the amount received when the arisan is held. 
**is traditional medicine in Indonesia. It is predominantly herbal medicine made from natural materials, such as parts of plants such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits.








Stay Stylish,