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Nederlands Openluchtmuseum - HOLLAND VISUAL DIARY

 Hey guys, happy new year!!!!

I know I know I'm always late on my new year posts. But really, I had finals during my new years. And I can't do anything about that. Although, I did went out to celebrate with some Italian food and fireworks but the outfit I wore was pretty simple. I will get into my New Year Resolution in my upcoming post okay, stay tuned. 

With this post, I'm going to start uploading my Holland Visual Diary simultaneously with my USA Visual Diary. Again, I am aware with the lateness of this post but since it is a travel post, I thougt it will come in handy for future holidays. Without further due, let's get into it.

Green Juice to start the day.
So during my trip - I stayed there for a month, I realized that I really cherished mornings. I love waking up early, and soaking in everything; the air, the sun, the wind, the quietness, everything. This time around, I took my first stroll around the neighborhood. Found the cutest flower shop that inspires my trip down to the Openluchtmuseum.

Openluchtmuseum is an open air museum, or we may call it outdoor. The sections are divided to certain areas and houses that has histories about Holland. Including the influence of Indonesian people and culture. We can take a train ride that take us from one point to another, passing by forests, or we can just walk around. It is pretty huge so taking a train will definitely help. 

Prada Cardigan, Vintage scarf, Isabel Marant Top, Jimmy Taverniti Jean Shorts, Bag bought in Singapore, Converse Shoes, Coach Sunglasses

Indonesian Traditional clothes.

I had lunch in one of the cafes, they had pannenkoek, which is Dutch's pancake. It's massive, and I'm not complaining ;) but it was pretty thin tho, like crepes, and the toppings or jams they gave was pertty delicious. You can see that I roll it and cut it into small pieces teehee.

Anyway, they have varieties of attractions and unique places with its own stories. Like, the train history, to the way the dutch people used to live, and the parks with beautiful plants. They even got several windmolen.

I've never really heard a lot of people go to Openluchtmuseum, mostly people go to Madurodam. Although you should also go to Madurodam - I have my own childhood memories there, it's incredible. But I thought it would be nice to go somewhere people not often go, especially when you can be cultured by the knowledge they pour through each places in the museum.

I ended the day in Sonsbeek Park. They have a big white house - I'm not sure what for, I think just for functions, and lakes with swans and a biiiiiiiig field in front of it with horses. The sun was shining, it was the perfect day to tan, thus a lot of people were tanning and having picnics. Also, they have waterfall. How amazing is that? Surrounding the park are houses. I love the architectural design of houses in Holland - very classic yet very homey, the inside is pretty stunning too with three story and marble accents. Ahhh what a dream house material.


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