Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Year Resolutions 2016

May this year, be the year that brings you more happiness and success. And may it also bring love and peace into your life.

Always, Athaya S

I'm the one that likes to celebrate; new years, birthdays, life in general. I feel like problems will always gonna be there, so you might as well enjoy your life and make it worth it right?

This New Year, I spent it quiet differently. Celebrated it with new friends, and most significantly, I didn't dress like I'd normally do for such occassion.
I didn't feel entirely like myself because it was so simple, as simple as a top and a bottom, a bag and shoes, that's it.
I forgot my hoops, wore a culotte that I barely wear, no outwear, aaaaand I wore my  "I got my shit together" bag - which is so not for this occasion.  I only like the shoes because it's perfect for walking around town and it's new, hahaha.
Other than that, if I was in Jakarta; I'd totally add my Mawi necklaces, changed the pants to leather skinny, put on my small silver hoops, add a nude wedges or platform with a sparkly clutch.
But I made it work, and I'm actually grateful for what I put together because we ended up celebrating it in a super crowded & chill place. So I guess, everything happens for a reason, right?
And first lesson of 2016 is *drumrolls* to try to be more simple. Try ;)

I never share my resolutions before, I like to keep it to myself. But I thought, this time around I'll share the inspirations of my New Year Resolutions.
  1. I learned that I can't say no to people, like I can avoid them but I can't say no. Sometimes I do or eat things I dislike, and I don't want to do that anymore.
  2. Stay humble. I know how ironic it is telling you that I want to stay humble because I have a blog that pretty much share everything about me. But IRL, I really think it's so good to be low key, about everything; love life, success... And just let the glow speaks for itself.
  3. I need to stop cutting myself some slack, and be strict. I need to be more discipline about my routines, like working out and my diet. 
  4. ASAP Rocky said in one of his recent interview with Ebro Hot 90.7 that it's time to take your talent to the next level. I was inspired, thus this year, I want to take more action about my passion and make something out of it. Take more actions building up my future. Onward and upward!
  5. My first semester in Uni was pretty good, but I need to keep that up. I need to make sure my grades are intact and be more active. 
  6. Although, I have to say, the first month of being away from home was pretty hard. I was complaining more than I ever do, so I want to eliminate that and replace it with love. More love towards everything I see, and I experience. See the positives out of everything.
  7. Being away from the people that always there for me taught me so many things, including to be patient. I am the most impatient human being before I moved away from home. Living abroad totally changed me to be more patient. I'm so grateful for that.
  8. I started to really think about me this past year... and sometimes it makes me worry about certain things. Thus, I need to be more relax and know that everything is gonna be alright.
  9. More giving... as in compliments, love, and not just the material things. It feels good to be able to share and bond through that. 
  10. Staying focus is so crucial. I have so many dreams, so many targets and so many goals in life. I need to stay focus and prioritizes.

So far, these are it - sort of;).
Hopefully it will help you start writing your own commandments, or resolutions.
But if you decided not to; you just want the year surprise you, let it flow and let the wind takes you, then I support you. Sometimes that's just what you need to do, to let it flow.
Nonetheless, I wish that you and I will be successful and become a better person each and everyday.
You have an extra one day this year, remember! 366 days!

Although it has a lot of "I"s in this post, you know you are a part of me, right?
This blog and your support has been a tremendous part of my life. So I want to continue on taking you with me everywhere I go, whatever I do.
Hoping my resolutions will inspire and motivate you.

With that, I want to THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for reading this, for visiting the blog, for staying with me, for believing in me and just supporting me. 2015 was definitely one for the book, and it's nothing without you. I can't wait for an amazing ride in 2016 with YOU

Also, I want to know your new years resolutions, so do share with me by dropping a line or two in my message box on the right side, or leave a comment below <3

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