Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Favorite Apps #DontPlayYourself

I simply tweet my feelings and thoughts without really thinking anyone would read it, oops! But mostly I tweet my current obsessions and self-motivation. My favorite twitter accounts are; Reyna Biddy, Joe Kay, YOSHI, tiaramvrie and yaldaH. Joel Osteen also got positive tweets to help your stressful day.

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I like youtube because it taught me so many things and has filled in my free time. Taught me as in cooking, make up and how to. 3 of the most important thing while living abroad in University. 
I know a little bit about make up because my Mother is good at it, but these beauty gurus taught me different techniques and review brands, so it will help college students save money to buy things that are worth it. These are my favorite beauty Gurus: Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero and Alva Velasco.
Sorted Food and Byron Talbott is my go to cooking videos, but Cooking4Students got simpler cooking techniques that will save your time. 
Other than Casey's I like to watch HRHCollection because she's just so real although I may not agree on all the things she does. 
Fashion wise, I like Jenn Im from clothesencounters and Bee from idressmyselff
Other interesting people are: Claire Marshall - her style is so cool but her personality and her life is what makes me watch her and Megan Batoon - she's funny, loves puns and the girl can dance! 
Also, I like to watch Complex News - Jinx, Sean and Emily are my favorite hosts, lol!

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3) Headspace & 7 Minutes Workout

These two are on my number 3 spot just because I do them either simultaneously or I do one in the morning and the other at night. I feel like, they balance out my life. 
7 minutes work out might seem like nothing but if you do it consistently, it will make a change for your health. It's perfect when you don't have 30' to 1hr in your day to go to the gym. Now I know what they say about working out makes you become more positive and productive in life. 
Headspace on the other hand, doesn't require much movements, it's a form of meditation. You sit or lay down, relax and breathe naturally. Some of the topics, comes at the right time. One day I had tons of things in my head and then the mediator talks about traffic inside your head. What a timing! I always feel like a weight is lifted from my shoulder, resulting in clear minds and calm soul.


My friends hates me because I love music but too lazy to download them. I always ALWAYS use soundcloud anytime, anywhere. 
I just love how I can discover new music, mostly up and coming artists. Just like how I discover esta., ELHAE, Sango and Kehlani
My latest favorite find is Soulection. I like the vibes and the music. Joe Kay's voice is so soothing and takes you to a calmer place I feel like. Not only that, their radio invites guests and I love that they get personal and deep but not in a gossip sense. Something that the listeners actually want to know and could motivate them.

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You know what it izzzzzzzz. I love love love snapchat, I've been using it since end of 2014. I use it whilst I was traveling to the US and my weekly activities. I like sharing my make up tips and secrets, talk about what I think about certain things or just capture the moments. The snapchat updates I won't miss are from Samarialea - samariaaleaa, Dorothy Wang - dorothywang, Kylie Jenner - Kylizzlemynizzl, Rosie H Whiteley - rosiehw and of course DJ Khaled - djkhaled305 lioooooooooooooon #majorkey

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