Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Okay, the addiction is real.

It was end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

In the past, I only open Youtube to see music videos and find music, as lame as it sounds. But then, one boring day I decided to go on Youtube.

It started with fitnessblender - because you work out when you have nothing to do right? ;) and it changed to make up tutorial videos (Jaclyn Hill is my spirit animal), then it suggested me to click on a Jacks Gap's video aaand I did. I know Jacks Gap because my girl friends can't stop fan girl-ing over him and his twin, Finn. I am now a fan too, I must admit they're good looking and their British accent doesn't hurt either. Although, I have to say I'm more admiring his ability to tell stories... He is kind of amazing. He cares about the humanity, about other people and he cares about life story, his perspective is always full of soul and out of sincerity. While going through his videos I saw that he made a series called Words of Wisdom, one of them is from Casey Neistat.

I never heard of Casey but then I started watching his iPod video and Bike Lanes, and I was hooked. His way of making videos or, films, are just so interesting in the most awesome way possible. And until this day, it keeps getting better and better. His creativity awoken the creative side of me, and motivates me to become more creative everyday. 

Casey has already made several videos on Youtube before becoming a vlogger... but it is not a daily vlog, until his 34th Birthday that is. A video called "MY FIRST VLOG" popped up on my subscription box. I didn't know what to expect, but soon after I watched it, I was so excited to add a new routine before going to sleep: watch Casey's video. Sounds silly, but there are so much to it.

First, the reason he's making a daily vlog is because he is a film maker and finds it hard to make time to create films due to his traveling, business and family time. Therefore, he thought challenging himself to upload a vlog every single day could help his urge of making more films. That being said, he makes vlogs in a quality that I've never seen before, he may adapt some techniques here and there but he definitely succeed making it as his. Such as, the tripod as selfie stick and having a big microphone sits on his camera.
Second, it doesn't hurt watching New York panoramic views during sunset. Travel along with him to St. Barths, Madrid, Cabo and more places as he takes his camera with him. Like Diana Vreeland said, "The Eye Has to Travel". Watching these vlogs adds up my knowledge about more places in the world.
Third, his take on life is very unique and different. And I think it's due to his life story and I can relate to that. Most of the time, life's struggles taught you a lot of things. It depends on which perspective do you see it from.
Fourth, Casey's dream and action towards all the things that he wants in his life - including building his business called BEME, is something that I look up to. His attitude may seem reckless - carving his laptop, painting the apple watch, but it's just what makes him him and what makes his videos viral without him even trying to make it viral. He stays true to himself, even when he strives to make his vision comes to life.
Fifth, he loves his family. I'm a family oriented person, I grew up being close to my mom and my grandmother, my brother is like thee best friend that I'd never lose and I love them so much. So I'm happy seeing Casey spending quality time with his son, going to Connecticut almost every weekend to see his dad, his love for Candice and the care that he puts towards Francine, his 1 year old daughter.

Watching his vlog is exciting because you'd never know what you're gonna get. Of course there is a routine - it's a daily vlog after all, like going to work and waving bye to the family. But, you'd never know what montage he'll put in, where is he going next? who's going to make a cameo on the vlog. Is it Karlie Kloss? And is he really going to the Met Gala riding a bike?

My brother and I loves watching his vlogs, my brother is into film making and boy oh boy, does he loves the gadgets Casey has. Drone, Boosted board, Camera Gear ...sssh! Casey is kinda the pioneer of hoverboard.

Here are some of my favorite videos from Casey:

I've watched his vlogs since the first day, first vlog... today there are 311 vlogs.

FYI. He got more than 2 million subscribers and over 400 million views on Youtube, and still counting... Also, In his vlogs you may find a Q&A every Tuesday and Mail Time once a week and he uploads everyday 8AM EST.

Here are his social media links:

Youtube Playlist
Youtube About 
Snapchat @ caseyneistat

BEME which is his business is  a video messaging app. I know what you're thinking, another video messaging app? but this one is different and it's sort of... magic haha. It works a lil bit like this: the 4 seconds unedited video is uploaded by you covering your phone's proximity sensor without you having to touch any button. Why unedited you ask? because...

So, take 10 minutes of your time and check out his videos. I hope you'll get inspired, like me. And I hope you enjoy!

Stay Stylish,

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