Thursday, February 18, 2016

Red Valentino F/W 2016 NYFW

Red Valentino 004fw16-tc-21116 Red Valentino 006fw16-tc-21116 

"Don't give them what they think they want, give them what they don't know they want it yet"

And I feel like this collection give me exactly that. Very unexpected, but yet exactly what I want from Red Valentino. Young, edgy but yet lady like and classy, classic and chic. And this collection exactly just that. Wordings on clothes can easily become too in your face and not classy but the font and placing in these clothes are so classy that you can wear them to a red carpet and for lunch. I love that the denim and yellow mustard brought so much youth into it and the stripes just stands for a classic clothes that will lasts. I think the patches are really cool and they are made into something that is very Valentino. Continuing with previous collections, floral are there some elements of studs.

 Red Valentino 007fw16-tc-21116 Red Valentino 050fw16-tc-21116 

Red Valentino 014fw16-tc-21116 Red Valentino 015fw16-tc-21116 

Red Valentino 033fw16-tc-21116 Red Valentino 029fw16-tc-21116 

Red Valentino 061fw16-tc-21116 Red Valentino 042fw16-tc-21116 

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