Monday, February 08, 2016


 Without me telling you, I'm pretty sure you know I don't follow football. 
I know some of the elements of football, and the players are hard to ignore (I mean, Victor Cruz... hello! *heart eye emoji). 

However, I do like to talk about the Super Bowl here and there, mostly for the fashion and the entertainers. This year in particular is very exciting; Coldplay is headlining with guest performer, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. 
And before Mrs. Carter performed her latest single "Formation", Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem with her own rendition. Sending chills down our spine, she was really passionate and her voice was so amazing, #legend. 
Although I'm not a big fan of Coldplay, I do love their songs. They successfully brought joy and love with their humble yet colorful set, along with the crowds spelling "Believe in Love" .
Busting his moves, Bruno Mars and squad dances to Uptown Funk in leather clothes and gold chains, complete with sunglasses. All the SWAG makes me wants to dance!
When the marching band starts, I knew it was Beyonce. Big hair with her dancers, saying "Get into the formation, Ladies" AMAZINGGGGG! 
The performance ended with Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars singing Uptown Funk together.

Congrats Broncos for the Win!

for backstage pics, performance and videos...

Gaga Arrives in Style, at the Super Bowl venue in San Francisco
All the backstage Glitz (or shall we say, Glitter) and Glam

Gaga on stage, proudly singing her rendition on the National Anthem

Coldplay brought all the love and joy to the stadium!

Beyonce backstage with her Glam Squad, the talented Sir John

Yes, Coldplay was the headline but we all know Queen Bey stole the show and no one is complaining!

Hair, Make Up, Costume *checked! Beyonce came to perform

See you next year!

Stay Stylish,

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