Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's for HIM

Valentine's for HIM

Valentine's for HIM by athayashakyna 

Men's fashion is sooo exciting. I like when guys wear clothes that expresses themselves but still able to make it look effortless. I hope this Polyvore set could inspire your V day shopping for your brother, boyfriend, and even your dad. 

For dads there are tie, watches, wallet, and agenda for the new year. 
For the brother who loves sneakers, there are the huaraches and some unique sneakers from Y3 x Adidas or this Giuseppe Zanotti snakeskin high tops. 
I would totally throw some leather jacket but I feel like bomber jackets are more versatile, because personally I don't think a lot of guys can pull off leather jacket. 
Denim is like second skin for the guys, right? But skinny jeans are not sexy in my opinion, I like when it's fitted but still has some baggy feel in it. 
For watches, leather bands are super practical but there is something so chic and polish in a chain watches. 
Bracelets, sunglasses, and hats are the perfect pairs to finish off the outfit.  Other things that might inspire your V day gifts are skinny ties, light but masculine perfumes, shaving kit - because their after shave game have to be on point, and luggage for your next gateway with him!

Sexy, Lovely, Dreamy...
Make sure that the man in your life knows that you appreciate him.

Have a lovely Valentine's day!

 Stay Stylish,

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