Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's for HER


Valentine's by athayashakyna

For this V day, I prepared a lil Polyvore set for HER. 

This set is perfect for you who wants to treat yourself and for those who's still looking for that last minute gift. And to inspire your V day outfit. 
For me, it doesn't have to be pink or red. What's important are the fit and how the clothes makes you feel. If you feel confident in a lace up dress, rock it! or if you feel more sexy in a boyfriend shirt, wear it!

The backpack, cross body bag and clutch is perfect for that practical girl in your life. A beauty gifts for your sister like the Balmain volumizing care set, and the highlighter that will make your girlfriend glow for days. If you want a sexy, mysterious scent, this Tom For Velvet Orchid is the ultimate choice. And these gold jewelry is perfect for girlfriends and mothers. Single or taken, a sexy lingerie is what you need to give more umph and make you feel more confident. 

Whatever you give, make sure it's from the heart.
Whatever you wear, make sure it's what makes you feel you.
Whatever you do, make sure you're enjoying it with your loved ones.

Have a lovely, Valentine's day.

Stay Stylish,

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