Tuesday, December 27, 2016

More Life.

Hey guys,

By now you must know that life is more than what appears on social media.
So much going on lately that I can't keep up with what's going on.

Sometimes my problems takes over then I talk to God, I pray to Him and ask Him to stay with me along the way. I also know that my problem is nothing compare to the world's problem, and I should be thankful because if God gives me trials it means He knows that I'm strong enough to face it and it means that He still loves me. "Count your blessings" someone once told me that, and I tried to remind myself to say what I'm grateful for every morning and every night before going to bed.

If you read my blog, you might know some things about me. Something deep and close to my heart that I shared because I want anyone who is going through a rough day can read it and be motivated. I believe that if I can do it, if I can go through it, if I can rise above all my struggles, YOU COULD TO.  

For me these pics on social media are just a fraction of what's going on in my life, it is my happiest moments, moments I want to cherish, feelings I want to remember, but it is not everything.
I struggle, I face problems, I work really hard, I pray HEAVY, I believe and I never give up, I make it work. I'm sure many of you could relate. Instagram or social media is just 5% of what we feel, what actually happen and who you are. You can of course, see someone's personality through it but it's not only what they are, it's not only what you are, remember that.

It's hard, it's hard when you have big dreams, when you have people you need to prove wrong, but when you turn your dreams into goals and you focus on them. It is magical, you have no limits and the only competition is yourself. Because then you realized, you want everybody to win, to make their dreams come true, to be successful, you genuinely want to see other people happy. 

You don't have time for negativity, for people who wants to waste your time, for drama, no no no, you don't have time for drama when you're hustling. You just have time for your goals and happiness. You keep your circle to not small, but only for people who can lift you higher, accept you for who you are and makes you happy. People who understands you, so you can be yourself. 

I used to try and explain to people, who I am and what I made of but it gets tiring. Now I I just live my life out loud. However, some people are only curious, they don't care. They just wanna know. 

What you need is genuine people; who will care for you when you're at your lowest, help you get back on your feet, someone who will check up on you on a regular. Those who are meant to be in your life will sticks by you and accept you for who you are while making yourself a better person. 

Honestly though, you'll never know what's really going on in people's life, you don't really know, you don't really understand because you're not going through it. What you need to do is to not jump into conclusion, don't make assumptions. Everyone of us is fighting battles that no one would ever understand because they don't walk in our shoes, just be kind to one another

We're built differently, we have different values, different priorities. Just because we sin differently doesn't make anyone is better than anyone.

I call it a no judgment rule - let people be who ever they want to be if they don't add to our lives then just leave them, you don't have to be all judgey about it. 

If you care enough, if you love them enough, you'll stay because you think it is worth it to change them but we have to keep in mind that their happiness is our goal in wanting them to change. We make mistakes sometimes because we're human but we should try our best to stay positive.

My point is, all these social media are just something that people choose to show. There's no point in envying them or make assumptions being all judgey, just be happy for them, right?

When you're happy, you'd got that glow. When you're happy, you'll celebrate life. When you're happy, you appreciate the struggle and then you realized that when life gets tough it means it will take you to a higher level.
I'm here for you if anything, God is here for you, He got you, He's working on you, don't worry!

Stay Stylish,

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