Sunday, February 05, 2017


Hey guys,

Happy February 5th!! I'm so excited to finally post my first playlist of the 4 playlists I will be posting every Sunday this month.

This year, unlike previous years, I don't have a particular vibe. It's more to just what I'm feeling from the beat, the words or the meaning behind the music.

I had a lil birthday soiree last night with two of my bestfriends and my brother, the music was SO DAMN GOOD and it was perfect... what's missing is only my mom. She was pretty tired so she couldn't make it. But other than that, I was beyond happy.

22, I am praying heavy that you will bring more blessings into my life. More life's best surprises. I can't wait to unravel what God has planned for me this year. I am grateful that God is working on me endlessly and thankful thankful thankful for everything. Also praying to be able to find someone that I can share my love and passion with.

I recently got an advice from a very wise man, to focus on me first and if it's time that special someone will come. And I will do that, I will put my faith in God, in God's timing and focus on what I have now.

I have so many things planned, and this year is time to get back to work. Last year, the first half it was all about university and the second half was all about having fun. This year, is all about balance. Because everything that is 'too much' is never good.

Lastly, I want to thank you for the wishes through social media and text messages. everything has been wonderful and so lovely. Same prayer goes to you! I wish you all nothing but success and happiness this year. Love.

P.S. leave me a comment or shoot me a message letting me know your favorite song that I should put on my next playlist, greatly appreciate it x

Stay Stylish,

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