Saturday, February 18, 2017

pancakes for breakfast.

"Never underestimate the power of making her pancakes on a Sunday morning" -J.M Storm

I think breakfast dates should be a thing, don't you? Whether it's cooking at home, a picnic or at a cozy pancake house, I think waking up early to spend more time with that special person in your life is lovely. 

I'm selfish when it comes to my Sunday and who I spend it with. I want it to be relax, I want it to be adventurous, I want it to be breathtaking. Filled with genuine feelings, good company, good food and good music. Whether it's dancing in the living room or salsa dancing at a Tapas Restaurant. Museum hopping or going to a flea market. 

But it doesn't always about doing something, sometimes it's all about doing absolutely nothing with the person you love. A lazy Sunday.

This playlist is something that I'd play on a Sunday throughout the day; from waking up in the morning, taking a bath, making pancakes, reading a book and everything in between. Bossa nova, jazz, something light and something easy without much thinking.

I hope you feel blessed this Sunday, enjoy!

Stay Stylish,

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