Sunday, February 12, 2017


Hey guys,

How's February treating you so far? I hope you feel loved and blessed.
This year, I'm focusing on my inner peace, inner happiness. So, it's important that things and people around me makes me feel at peace and happy.

Starting last December, it began with a music party in the city. That night, I dance and dance and dance. I was so happy because they play my songs and all I can think of is the music and dancing. You have no idea how long I've been longing to just dance to my music surrounded with people who understands the music. After that night, I just have such good vibes around me. I'm more grateful towards little things and just more positive towards life. It;s amazing how music can give such big impact towards you.

I don't have much source of happiness lately, because as I grow older I feel like it's all about the quality not the quantity. One of them is obviously, music. I pretty much listen to music all day every day. I crave good music, I'm always somewhere on the internet digging to find new music. New music in this case is not necessarily new releases, just music that I haven't listen to. And I'm the happiest when I linked up with people that likes the same music as I do. People that talk the same language. People that I can have real conversations with. That's rare nowadays, so if I do I cherish them, truly.

This VDAY17 I set up a playlist for you to dance to. Love or relationship or just you know.... ;) These songs are from the '90s, '00s and new releases. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think and leave a comment if you have songs that I should listen to!

Stay Stylish,

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