Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer with Warby Parker

This summer will be as colorful (if not more than) as the picture above. I could already tell! 

The energy and excitement this summer has got me feeling like I wanna go bare; 
no make up, tan skin, wavy hair. Most importantly, I wanna leave my contact lenses at home! 
Personally, wearing lenses is becoming such a chore to me. All the restrictions and eye drops I have to take every now and then - no no, it would totally disrupt my summer plans. 
Nowadays, I'd prefer to go with my eyeglasses wherever I go. 
Especially when the eyeglasses are as stylish as 
Warby Parker latest collection: Mixed Materials Eyewear. 
Summer ready! 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

June. —

We're six months into 2017, I'm taking it as a milestone to reflect on my new years' resolution:

"... So I'm going into the new year with goals to look out for me better. To put my mind, energy, time and effort into things and people that I believe in, and believes in me. ..."