Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Summer dreamin' Bali wishin' Dovetail lovin'

If you have followed my instagram, you'd know I went to Bali this Summer for a lil getaway.
This lil getaway turn into a transformational summer.

While I was in Bali, my aim was just to tan. Being tanned makes me the happiest, but my brother dragged me to some places and my best friend followed us few days later and made the whole trip an unforgettable one.
What makes it even more unforgettable was my trip to Dovetail in Seminyak - which is where all the cool places are.

Dovetail is Bali's original craft cocktail bar.
This is where you get the party started.
With friendly hosts that lets you play your favorite music - they go out of their way!
I played my SoundCloud likes when I was there and I take pride in my SoundCloud likes, so that is something.

The interior is rustic with OceanBellz home decor made it cozy and fresh!
The small place adds to the charm of the place. We get to socialize more with other customers, create a more than mediocre conversation. 

I'm addicted to unexpected chat I had with one of the customers; talking about humans as energy, the universe and more life realizations. I was high on having greater understanding of my higherself when I was in Bali. And that conversation in particular leads us to a discussion about law of attractions... I'd share with you more on my July in September post that I'm currently drafting.

Balancing my worldly happiness at Dovetail with my spiritual journey - I find more peace in Bali - bliss that comes from the beach, happiness that comes from the happy faces. Balinese people have a positive outlook on life that are contagious and I left Bali feeling anew and rejuvenated.

Seminyak Square hidden gem, Dovetail, made quality drink with great mixologist and even Eric Benet approves!

So, whatever reason you came to Bali for, for however long you might stay, do come to Dovetail and experience it for yourself!
I'll recommend the Coconut Vodka but anything on the menu is top notch. Can never fault a thing, well, maybe the fact that it's in Bali which is 1,237 miles away from me. Take. Me. Back!

Seminyak Square
Jl. Kayu Aya No.1, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
Bali, Indonesia

Stay Stylish,

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