Thursday, November 16, 2017

SEPTEMBER in November

Feeling anew. I took my time to heal properly, for me.
Refusing to make the same mistake and to repeat the karmic cycle, brought me to a transitional period. This is where I slow down and get away from those that interfere and distracts my inner tranquility. I believe that when I do this, profound calmness will be available at all times.
To nurture, to heal and to restore with more understanding about the universe.

You can say that you have left 'this bad energy' but if you don't deal with it, another 'bad energy' will make its way to your life. It's a karmic cycle, you have to deal with it and learn from it so it will stop showing up. Those familiar feelings aren't healthy, it's the old patterns repeating itself. You owe yourself to correct it.

It took a lot of resiliency in me to be vulnerable.
When someone hurt me, I feel numb, I can feel nothing, almost too chill for my own good. Maybe it's because my first instinct / defense mechanism when someone hurt me is to act 'cool' as if nothing can phase me, as if I don't care everything will be alright, I will be alright.
But no, slowly but surely, those wounds comes back and instead, I hurt more because I ended up bottling all the emotions and thoughts.
The healing process taught me to communicate my feelings to try and talk about it. Because my feelings are valid, and the ability to talk about my feelings and be vulnerable is a mature thing to do. People connects in the soft parts of their hearts - you cannot make that connection without leaving yourself somewhat vulnerable.

Although it's a struggle, but when you do confront your feelings, you're able to take actions for finality and clarity. What I did was I clear things out of my life, cut the unnecessary and build a foundation with no bullshit. Those unnecessary emotions are like a burden to release, but everything takes time, these five months I had to stay strong and patient for the sake of my mental and emotional, to gain that emotional equilibrium. And finally, not losing sleep over things that doesn't make me happy anymore, leaving the real toxic in my head, anxiety.

Reaching a point in my life where I learn the willingness to love myself, putting an effort in believing that not only that I am worth it, I am valuable. All of this is possible because of meditation through words of affirmation; them prayer works so listen to the answers of my prayers; and pay attention to the confirmation around me. Finding that inner peace, a happy place inside of you, a comforting place within yourselves.

The law of attraction is real but it doesn't mean you have to be positive all the time because it's not realistic. However, you need to know that unconsciously you are attracting what you resist if you spend a lot of time and energy on it. Hence why, you should focus on what you want to attract. So nowadays, I'm practicing self love by being mindful and align with my thoughts - what I'm trying to accomplish whilst expressing my gratitude of what I already have. The happiest soul is when you fall in love with yourself and be the magnet of abundance and everything will falls into place.

We're all learning and growing, all of us. Thus why vibrations change, energies change. You can't expect me to be the same person when you last talk to me, I've grown within the past year, month, week, day, hour. That realization got me fall in love with the process of growth, just trusting the process in general. Being patient, again, in the process of getting to know myself. It's a journey, everything is connected, and when it comes into fruition you'll learn the higher wisdom of understanding why certain things happened in your life and why certain things doesn't meant to work out. It's not about being with someone, or doing something, it's about self growth.

Stay Stylish,

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