Saturday, December 30, 2017

OCTOBER in December

Self control.
I lost myself because what I went through was out of my control.

All the healing and learning taught me a lot about myself.
About control.

To control the way I pray, to be specific in it.
To control my thoughts and what I want to attract.
To control what I say - not to give advice when not asked, because sometimes people just want to vent.
To control my overthinking - happily. Because these unnecessary speculation and assumptions ruin moments.
To find the tool (within myself) to help me feel fulfilled. Passion, dreams, ambitions, ideas.
To control my luck because we make our own luck.
To control the karma by having the right intentions.
To stop controlling priceless things, because we can't put timeline on those.

To let go of ego, because ego doesn't do what the soul needs.
To let go of pride, because it only gets in the way of me and my happiness.
To know I gain power by controlling my solitude and what I'm focusing my energy to during my time by myself.
To know that though, I am who I am, it doesn't mean that I am not open to learning more and learning what is needed and wanted of me.
To know that nothing will end well by making other people wrong.

To appreciate and show love by giving and being.
To enjoy conversations - especially the unexpected ones, the ones that speaks the minds and stimulate the minds.
To feel good because by feeling good will affect other's and lift the universe.
To show genuine feelings.

To treat people the way I want to be treated.
To know that my partner, my bestfriends, my mother even is another person who doesn't owe me anything, they're feelings are as valid as mine, hence they are allowed to act accordingly.
Which brought me to another point, to lessen my expectations.
To stop putting other people on a pedestal.
To be aware of my needs but at the same time be mindful of other people's limit. This way, I am able to find happiness with both consideration of balancing expectations vs. realities.
To trust the good in others.
To acknowledge other greatness without dimming mine by taking it with grace and learn from them.
To stop controlling how people should love me, because there are more than one way to experience love.
But, knowing that I could control my reactions and the way I love.
To be okay outgrowing other people and to be outgrow by others.

To prioritize so I can expand - whether it'd be work, study, stability or peace of mind.

All and all, to be myself; the only way I could attract the right people, the only way relationships could be created organically.

At the end of the day, God, the universe or whatever higher ups there is blessed my situations. And I'm happy because I could find the lessons out of losing myself. The finality was to find the universe inside of me, that brought me to the higher ground.

Better brighter things ahead and I cannot wait  for next year - to live my best life, yet.

I hope you guys are celebrating being alive these few last days of 2017 and starting the new year with so much love and laughter. Don't forget to multiply your blessings by counting them. I hope this new year brought a realization to you that you should always do what makes you happy - the feeling of emotional gratification. And I hope, you can learn a thing or two from my healing series and avoid the mistakes I made.

Happy New Year 2018, love. I'm rooting for you.

Stay Stylish,

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