Thursday, February 01, 2018

Oh February,

It's very unusual of me to feel nonchalant about February - but that's just how I'm feeling this year. If you know me, you know that I hold February close to my heart, not only that it's my birth month but also because of THIS.

Well, I have not much planned or things I want to specifically do this year other than practicing what I'm preaching. I want to put into action all  the things I've learned last year. Most importantly, I want to make sure I have my priorities in order. Staying focus and keeping the right energy, a positive energy. The law of attraction has brought me to where I am now, thus I owe it to myself to be reminded daily to keep my thoughts align with what I want to attract. That is it, that is my new year resolution. Oh, one more thing, the betterment of relationship with everyone in my life including strangers because I believe in no coincidence, we cross paths for a reason, so all I have to do is stay present and waste no one's time. By staying present, I could communicate better which eventually build better relationships with the people around me.

Although, I'm less excited than I usually am during this time of the year, of course I'm still going to put out a playlist that somehow represent the month and perhaps, the year. Here's the vibe for 2018!


By the way, the playlist is called 'MOON' not realizing that we welcomed February with a Super Blue Blood Moon, how crazy is that? The rare occasion of Super Blue Blood Moon is an indication of it having its own life force, more powerful than the full moon. According to author D. Ahlquist, "It heightens our sense and everything is more intense. It sets the mood, and it's a good time to appeal to your subconscious mind to plant thoughts about things you want for the future".

Nothing is ever a coincidence, right? well I guess, this is another reason why I'm feeling nonchalant, anxious and out of place, indication of a shift in energy caused by the Moon. A clarity.
And hopefully, everything that we've been working on will come in fruition. Don't try to go against the universe, trust your intuition and make sure to cater to your higher self, as always. Great things are coming your way!  Hope y'all enjoy, always love and may light be with all of you. All abundance.

Stay Stylish,

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