Friday, February 09, 2018

"She Cooks to Slow Jams and Does Her Make Up to Trap Music"

Any nice lunch plans today?
This morning I woke up at 9AM, my best friend stayed over and then I made us some avocado toast as she gets ready for work. Currently I'm sorting out my university classes, sipping my coffee.
Am staying home this Friday afternoon, made some salmon pasta with asparagus and mushroom cream sauce then I'm going to cut up some dragon fruits. Hopefully, I'll continue on my thesis and painting today if I have some time. The usual running errands tings will probably be done before 5PM today and may or may not listen to some Trap music whilst getting ready tonight for a "Out in The Town" with the ladies. In the mean time, while I'm cooking here's the playlist I'll be listening to...

Psssttt, this that playlist perfect for rainy season cuddle up and valentine's day preparation ;)

Stay Stylish,

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