Monday, July 16, 2018

Airport Bound (2012).

I arrived at the airport and went straight to the information board, only to found out that I was in the wrong terminal. Yes, I did.

Not too long ago I was anxiously stepping out of my car when porters descended on me like some kind of predator with their trolleys. I was busy ignoring the porters to notice which terminal I was in, pretending that they were not there otherwise they would insist and pull long faces. I hugged my friends and waved them good bye as they drove away into the distance. I then dragged my luggage walked through the automatic sliding door.

There I was spaced out in the middle of the crowd, at the wrong terminal.
I thought I checked my passport and tickets but why in the world could I be in the wrong terminal?
Being the paranoid person that I am, I checked it one more time to confirm. I was indeed at the wrong terminal.
I ran towards the officers wearing airport uniforms and I asked how could I get to the right terminal. Turned out, I needed to go to the bus station at the arrival floor. I waited for 45 minutes to be seated in the bus full of people, the queue was insane. Thank god, I stashed my trench coat and scarf inside my carry on otherwise I would be drenched in sweat. My turtle necks and boots are not helping with the drastic climate difference of where I was and where I headed.

My luggage was really heavy as I lifted it up and down the bus. The sun was so bright and the everybody was minding their business not seeing a petite girl struggling with her baggage. "Why did I ignore the porters?," I thought, rolling my eyes.

As soon as I got into my terminal, the right terminal, I hurried up to the check in counter to check in, choose my seat and get my boarding pass. I was running out of time, yet I had to put my luggage down for x-ray and went through the metal detector. This is one of the most anxious moments every time I'm at the airport. I'm always worried that I brought something I shouldn't, even though I know I didn't. I think I watch one too many locked up abroad, and it made me nervous to have the security open my luggage just in case they suspected something dangerous in it.

I heard myself sigh, relieved that there was nothing to worry about. Well, everything went smooth up until the immigration officers called the couple with backpacks who stood in front of me into the immigration office. This could actually happened to me, all the "what if's" scenario went into my head, which made me even more anxious. So when I got in front of the immigration officer, I smiled innocently trying to hide my noisy mind. If only the immigration could see my brain, how uptight and steamy it was... but no the officer just looked at my passport and my face back and forth. Then I heard the stamp hitting the pages of my passport so hard as if he was hitting a nail with a hammer, the sound of reassurance. With a little smile on his face, he offered me a candy on the table whilst giving my passport back indicating that I am free to go to the gate. I thanked him and took a couple of candy, maybe four, giggled to keep the innocence and left.

Afterwards, my excitement were through the roof; there is this rush in my veins of wanting to go into the plane and start the journey. However, I had an hour before boarding and the shops at the airport was calling my name, so I spoiled myself with some window shopping at the duty free. The part of the airport after immigration was way more calming than the part before the immigration. The shops were luring me and I didn't feel anxious, it felt rather peaceful. The music was jazz lounge and bossa nova, something you would hear at an elevator and the smell of the perfume at the counter was colorful. Can't help but sprayed myself some Chanel No.5, the new collection at the boutique were stunning, I look around acting like I was about to purchase something but in fact I have something else in mind I would rather spend my money on. Food. I left the shops smelling like a million bucks and strut my way through the cafe. Not long after the tall, young waiter got my order, I indulged myself with a plate of chocolate waffles and dark chocolate ice cream with mint slices at the cafe.

I looked around, and at the cashier was a man fumbling in his pockets, like he was being chased by time and about to miss his plane. In contrast, I had the luxury of time to enjoy the view of planes taking off. After finishing my meal, I swung by the bookstore to buy some architecture magazine, a little routine I have at the airport. I then marched to the boarding area, the disembodied sound from the speaker announced that my plane was going to board soon; instructing all passengers to make prepare their boarding passes for the stewardess' to check before stepping onto the plane, I took my boarding pass from the pocket of my passport inside my bag and queued in the elephant's trunk. As I was seated, I saw outside my window a golf cart like cars carrying our luggage approaching the plane, and the catering van distributing our supply of food onto the plane. When all the passengers have boarded and the plane taxi, a demonstration on the safety issue appeared on the small screen TV behind every passenger's head. Not long after, the service engineer raised their flags as a sign to the pilot that the plane was ready to go and we were allowed to take off. That's when I realized, my anxiety at the airport was nothing compared to what I was about to endure during the flight...

I know, I know I have been absent. Not even going to pretend that I have a good excuse, it's as lame as I am tired of everything. This past one year have been non-stop, I just needed tons of hibernation and being lazy. But it's time, it's time to get moving with life and make the future me proud. The first thing I did was spring cleaning, to get things organized and get rid of the clutter. For me, cleaning and organizing has always been therapeutic and it's definitely one of my 'procrastination' methods haha Through the cleaning, I found that I still kept some of my high school work from class notes to organisation tings. And then I came across this... a descriptive essay I presume, from English class, the class that I adore and dreaded at the same time. So I thought why not just clean away these essays but still keep it somewhere, and that's when the idea of posting it on the blog came. Anyways, I have so many things planned and on draft, can't wait to share it with you. In the mean time, I hope you enjoyed this essay!

Stay Stylish,

Friday, February 09, 2018

"She Cooks to Slow Jams and Does Her Make Up to Trap Music"

Any nice lunch plans today?
This morning I woke up at 9AM, my best friend stayed over and then I made us some avocado toast as she gets ready for work. Currently I'm sorting out my university classes, sipping my coffee.
Am staying home this Friday afternoon, made some salmon pasta with asparagus and mushroom cream sauce then I'm going to cut up some dragon fruits. Hopefully, I'll continue on my thesis and painting today if I have some time. The usual running errands tings will probably be done before 5PM today and may or may not listen to some Trap music whilst getting ready tonight for a "Out in The Town" with the ladies. In the mean time, while I'm cooking here's the playlist I'll be listening to...

Psssttt, this that playlist perfect for rainy season cuddle up and valentine's day preparation ;)

Stay Stylish,

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Oh February,

It's very unusual of me to feel nonchalant about February - but that's just how I'm feeling this year. If you know me, you know that I hold February close to my heart, not only that it's my birth month but also because of THIS.

Well, I have not much planned or things I want to specifically do this year other than practicing what I'm preaching. I want to put into action all  the things I've learned last year. Most importantly, I want to make sure I have my priorities in order. Staying focus and keeping the right energy, a positive energy. The law of attraction has brought me to where I am now, thus I owe it to myself to be reminded daily to keep my thoughts align with what I want to attract. That is it, that is my new year resolution. Oh, one more thing, the betterment of relationship with everyone in my life including strangers because I believe in no coincidence, we cross paths for a reason, so all I have to do is stay present and waste no one's time. By staying present, I could communicate better which eventually build better relationships with the people around me.

Although, I'm less excited than I usually am during this time of the year, of course I'm still going to put out a playlist that somehow represent the month and perhaps, the year. Here's the vibe for 2018!


By the way, the playlist is called 'MOON' not realizing that we welcomed February with a Super Blue Blood Moon, how crazy is that? The rare occasion of Super Blue Blood Moon is an indication of it having its own life force, more powerful than the full moon. According to author D. Ahlquist, "It heightens our sense and everything is more intense. It sets the mood, and it's a good time to appeal to your subconscious mind to plant thoughts about things you want for the future".

Nothing is ever a coincidence, right? well I guess, this is another reason why I'm feeling nonchalant, anxious and out of place, indication of a shift in energy caused by the Moon. A clarity.
And hopefully, everything that we've been working on will come in fruition. Don't try to go against the universe, trust your intuition and make sure to cater to your higher self, as always. Great things are coming your way!  Hope y'all enjoy, always love and may light be with all of you. All abundance.

Stay Stylish,