Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's make this thing, an us thing.

Hey guys,

Lately, more than ever, I treasure relationships that I've built over the years and those that are new that I feel like I don't want to end anytime soon...

When I say relationships, I mean close relationships - like between friends or partners, but mostly the ones that put us in a confusing situation. I'm sure that all of us have a lot of things going on, and time is a luxury so we should be wise on who we spend it with. I'm not one to play mind games, I want the relationship to be honest and open. To be inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Not something that makes my heart uneasy or a reason for me to wake up with a heavy heart. But no relationship will go smoothly, bumps on the roads are normal just as long as you can communicate it. I emphasized on communication because I know how difficult it could be to communicate my feelings. Not until last year I realized how communication is crucial. 

People come into your life so that you can learn. Learn from their mistakes and learn from the mistakes of the relationship that you build with them. Last year's in particular taught me that I need to communicate better, express my feelings and stop overthinking like it's my hobby. How I should stop worrying because everything happens for a reason. How certain things that seems to take you down is actually elevating you. And sadly, I learned that sometimes, it takes us to lose someone to learn about our self-worth - which proved that not everything you lose is a loss. 

You expect relationship to better each other, build each other and grow together but none of this would happen if you are not being yourself. Someone told me that I should be comfortable enough to be myself and transparent to be in a relationship. But being myself means not taking advantage of people, not doing things half ass, so I guess I should forget all about the ego and pride, do what feels right and say what I feel. That way you could see each other true potential and learn their imperfections. 

To enter any kinds of relationship is to know the consequences, to not be scared of getting hurt, to be mature enough to be vulnerable and talk about your feelings. To know that just like any growth, you can't be ready for it. Most of the time it happens in the most unexpected ways possible.

So when things gets confusing, when things makes you feel unhappy, talk about it... Make the relationship to be something worth wasting time on, be comfortable with each other so that you could say what ever it is that's on your mind. You should be able to be yourself and still feel appreciated and loved. But when the relationship took its toll on you and you feel hurt, learn from it - learn what you should avoid in your other relationship and what you deserve. Just know that eventually, it will take you closer to what's yours.

Photographed by Muhtarom Zain / TaroARTS

What about you, what's been lingering on your mind? 


P.S: I'm so grateful that many of you is liking the direction where the blog is going, there are still many things I want to learn - visually it still need improvements, well more like a web designer... #help but content wise, I want to make something that you would appreciate more, something that involves YOU. So, share with me what do you want to see on the blog and let's make this thing an us thing... 

Stay Stylish,

Sunday, March 05, 2017

good girl.

Hey guys,

It's been so long overdue but It's finally here. 
A little throwback and some new ones are added to help boost your mood.
These songs gives me so much energy, I could be having the worst mood and these songs would change it within minutes, esp Fucking Problems. 
Makes me want to dance and that makes me happy. 
HipHop has my heart, here are what's on my rotation.

I hope you enjoy it.


Photos by Muhtarom Zain
Instagram: @muhtaromzain

Stay Stylish,

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Soulection Sunday

Hey guys,

Ugh, I'm not complaining because it has been such a pleasure and blessing. But, I'm sure you know how I'm feeling, that February is almost coming to an end. I was SO excited about this year's because of SO many things. One of them was because I got to see Soulection's very own Joe Kay live! How insane, I mean I've been listening to Soulection since Show 230 and have never missed a show. I've been religiously listening to them. It's just, they have good music and good music makes me happy.

You have no idea, how I was really looking forward to yesterday, which was the day of the event, I had butterflies in my stomach, that's how excited I was. I first knew about Soulection from ESTA
which he's just on another level. And since then, I've dedicated my Sundays for Soulection & chill.

Soundcloud played a big role of discovering Soulection and other amazing artists that I've been a fan of. And sometimes I'm selfish because I kinda don't want a lot of people to know about them because I want them all to myself but then again their music is amazing and I want to share more about them.

Anyways, this Sunday I want to dedicate the Playlist to SoundCloud, I made a new playlist called 5 for February17. I hope you can vibe to it and have a blessed Sunday, love.

P.S: the Solection Tour was lit, I had so much fun though not many of my friends listen to Soulection thus I don't have my friends with me there but I get to enjoyed it with people that actually appreciate their music. It was a VIBE. You'd already know if you follow me on Instagram ;)

Stay Stylish,