Wednesday, December 26, 2012



It's been too long since my last post, when actually I have a lot of time to post something since one, I got an Iphone which makes it easy for me to post more, and two I'm currently on a holiday but I'll be back to school on the 7th of January which is uhm? less than 2 weeks from now! oh snap! oh well, that is why I'm writing this post at 23.11 on a Tuesday, Christmas day... because as many reason as I can give you  I will admit that I am unforgivably lazy. 

And here are my preparatory work and final art work for my AS LEVEL ART EXAMINATION whoaaaa! I'm so scared of the results that will be coming late January, because let's face it AS LEVEL IS HARD! you can see from the statistics on website or somewhere else that not a lot of people can get an A, I honestly not quiet sure whether they have an A* or not. Oh my god. let's just not talk about it.

For the first exam the course work, my teacher suggest me to just take the distortion in water, but I decided to make a big risk by taking fashion design (fashion design is hard, I tried it once in secondary 3 and it doesnt went well)  and somehow mixing fashion illustrator also! which is fun because fashion is always what I wanted to do (not design wise though) and I have a lot of fashion illustrator that I look up to as my inspirations like Danny Roberts, and Renee Gruau 

My theme was fashion inspired by water and I titled my collection as Underwater Enchantment. Water themed has been really inspirational because a lot of designer from Chanel to Versace to Marchesa have an entire collection of underwater life and since I am a genuine Indonesian so I obviously put Batik into my design and introduce a lot of different patterns, traditionally and my own . 
For the final artwork, I have to decide on what age do I want to choose, what kind of event would the dress be appropriate for, whether it's an haute couture dress, or a ready to wear dress, therefore I will be able to know what kind of heels or shoes will I be creating, what are the accessories, the fabric, materials on the dress, and so on and so on and so on. This is also to show my interest in the Fashion Marketing, Fashion business, and how passionate I am to the Fashion world.



I decided on; haute couture two piece formal attire that will be appropriate for a teenager like myself to wear to prom night and get all the heads in the room turning to her and be the center of attention with the sequins the shear train, the body con skirt and the gradients on the dress, the unique batik patterns and not to forget the gloves and the heels that is as high as hope!

For the control work, I go back to my roots - where I came from, which is Jakarta and the condition surrounds me. Jakarta with its own historical value, and its tradition really grabs my attention.

When I scanned through the exam paper the word "Dilapidated" in the Section A spin my brain thinking about something dilapidated and what inspire me most. And I got a l lot of things that represents the word, Dilapidated so without thinking twice I knew I will make something related to it.

From the dilapidated window, that describes a lot of feeling, and emotion, to Jakarta's old building that contains historical story of the metropolitan city, to a dilapidated cars, houses, and bicycle that may be broken down and doesnt look normal, to Jakarta's public trasportation like Bajaj, and Becak and Dilapidated might also be a living things like old people with their beautiful smile that wrinkled on their face and their condition. 

After deciding on what do I want to focus and finally make the art work, I started making the sketches using different media like charcoal, soft pastels (which I love) water color, acrylic, and pencil color, sometimes... uhm most of the time I mix all the media to give effects, and textures. I inspired by a lot of artist so I mixed a lot of style and made my own pop art and realistic kind of style together. 

The final artwork, honestly need more than 15 hours to be finished, because of the small details and make it as realistic as possible therefore it'll make an impact to the artwork. This artwork I choose because of the odd angle which makes it interesting and make you turn your head (literally), the details, and the different color, the gradient which makes the rusty effects and also the dilapidated of  housing which a lot of people in Jakarta still lives in. I used a mix media of water color, acrylic, a bit of poster, and pencil color. 



Athaya S

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skirt x school

Skirt x school

Rag bone

Crop top

Pull Bear v neck sweater
$49 -

J Brand slim jacket
$500 -

French Connection leopard skirt

Zig zag skirt
$200 -

Short skirt

$190 -

Black skirt


Vintage boots

$86 -

Mae wedge shoes

Valentino handbag
$2,355 -

Valentino leather handbag
$1,760 -

Diane von furstenberg

Ted Baker rucksack bag
$160 -

Bardot leather backpack
$47 -

Bex Rox cuff bracelet
$330 -

Gold jewelry
$21 -

H m
$13 -


Karen walker

House of harlow 1960
$89 -

Tech accessory

Wool hat

Loop scarve
$18 -