Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Like a Lady.


Few weeks ago my Aunt and Uncle (they're twins) celebrated their birthday in my Aunt's house and my big family came. Here are some pics that me and my cousins took during the event. 

My cousin, Andra - she is like the big sister I never had <3 

 Clara, cousin - I'm gonna miss her, because she's going to US for University. And btw, look at her Steve Madden heels it's gorgeous!

Andra's dress shaped her body perfectly, she looks amazing. WE look amazing hahaha

I was wearing a purple Valentino polka dots dress which I adore, because it fits me and compliments my body, I feel like a lady wearing it since I need to walk like a real lady; small steps and carefully. ZARA black heels which at that time was a newbie in my shoe rack. My earrings were from a small store in Jakarta. And to top it off ..a white Chanel bag.


Athaya S

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jakarta Skyline.


So I went out with my friends last Wednesday to celebrate one of my friend's early birthday lunch at the SKYE Menara BCA Jakarta, Indonesia. This place have the best view of Jakarta because it's on the 56th floor and Menara BCA itself have 57 floor and located in the heart of Jakarta. They got swimming pool, bar, lounge, and restaurant with a lot of choices of food, which is great for a food lover like me. It's a recommended place to hang out in the evening and night because Jakarta's whether in the summer is so hot therefore, if you want to have a lunch there you better reserve the indoor table. I suggested you to make a reservation before you go there, details:

Photo courtesy: Google, and flickr.

SKYE Jakarta
Menara BCA- 56th floor
I. .M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 522 5285


Photogrpahed by my brother, Raihan

With Thalia. 
Photographed by a friend of mine

I wore a Burgundy blazer, a white SinĂ©quanone cropped shirt, a Taverniti short jeans by Jimmy Taverniti, a Topshop sandals, a Mango fur bag, a necklace that I bought in a small store in one of the mall in Jakarta, an crocodile head ring bought in Bandung, another ring bought in the USA, and a Swatch New Gent white rebel.


Athaya S

Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 hours.


Just wanted to share what I did in the SA1 examination for ART&DESIGN. It was a 15 hours examination that divided into 3 days so I got 5 hours each day.  My theme was Distortion in Water. The model was my self and my brother helped me by being a 15-minutes-photographer in the pool. I choose this picture from any other pictures because I like how my hair and the dress were flowing in the water. I did decide to make it triptych because I thought I wanted to try something different and new and rather than just use the triptych to see the details in the preparation work, I used it as the form of my final artwork.
 I used water color even though I did try so many different media some of them were acrylic, pencil color, and conte. I love all of them but since I needed to make gradient in the water and skin. And water color delivers better result in creating such gradients. I must admit I am not satisfied with the result because of the small details that I missed and as what they all said whatever it is the small thing counts and the devil is in the detail
But, at that time I was actually regret on my decision of not looking further or try harder because I was actually too scared to ended up ruining it more. And I don't know what happen but I remember reading in one of the successful artist in the internet that he was actually stop when he was doubt that he could make it even better but here is the thing, who am I? thinking the same way as a SUCCESSFUL ARTIST which obviously only a line in a white canvas would turn into beautiful and meaningful artwork like whatever they make turn into gold. And for god's sake. IT'S ART so, here is some tip for me and all of you art students and painters; DON'T BE AFRAID, BE A RISK TAKER, AND DON'T FORGET THE DETAIL (the small thing could really make a big difference). And in Art there's no "wrong answer". What makes it different is the skill, technique and how the artist deliver the message of their art work. It's all about the painter's and artist's perception and interpretation. The artist should be able to allow the viewers to make their own perception and their story of the art work.


The first 5 hours

10 hours.


 15 hours



Athaya S

Friday, June 01, 2012

Almost perfect.


Summer break is officially started today. And yesterday I received my report card, I'm so grateful when I saw it.. a bit disappointed for my business for getting a B because I've been studying that subject more than other subjects. But it's okay, there's always room for improvement. Other subjects I got As which is very great! this also means that I'm improving. It's all because of my hard work; late night study and 4 hours or more study. And thank god it was all worth it. Not only my effort but also because God listens to my prayers. I prayed to get As and the worst Bs and I got exactly that. Alhamdulillah.

I started my summer break by going out with my long lost Best Friend <3, Fanny. I haven't seen her for years, literally! since our Junior High School Graduation which was 3 years ago, we haven't got the chance to spend the whole day together like today. In the morning I went to her place like at 8am had my breakfast with her and ate porridge, we went to PIM at lunch time and she went back home at the same time that I need to accompany my mom so we split up, it was at 6pm. One day is not enough to replace the 3 years that are gone. Even tough we had a nice lunch I ate Noodle with dumpling, she ate I Fu Mie which is so goooood, bought ice cream cone and yogurt with peach, mochi, and choco chips as the toppings, went to the photo box place and took a picture of us together. And actually, today would be perfect if we had not lost our Snow White and The Huntsman movie ticket :"(

I wore a Theory white bone shirt and a necklace that I used below the collar therefore it will make the collar more prominent with a TRF Zara polka dots skirt, a white Swatch New Gent white rebel, a gold ring with a unique design; it has a small chains hanging like hair, and a white skin snake flats.
Sorry for the bad quality images :-) and enjoy your Summer Holiday.


Athaya S