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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Music has been one of the biggest part of my life.

At the age of 4 I found that wave move; where you make waves with your hand from the shoulder to fingers and back again and repeat.Then, I learned that I love to dance. Dancing was amazing and still is. I'm still dancing, I'm still choreographing; the first time was when I was in Primary3 and the latest time was for my high school musical theater called "Wizard of Dunia" an adaptation of "Wizard of Oz" Since I want to post the dance videos, I may going to tell you more about that sometime in the future.

Anyways, back to the dance... I loveeeeeeeee MTV I've been watching it forever. MTV is PG rate, but I was wise enough to know what to learn and what not to see. I just simply watch it because of the music. Music is my life, not that I could sing, nor could I play any instrument - trust me you don't want me to do anything with music instruments, leave alone singing. No. But music was the beat, the beat that got me moving, moving and moving dancing and keeeeep on dancing. I love dancing. I've always wish that my mom put me in a dancing school, I'd totally killed it. But nonetheless, I've been learning to dance by myself, inspired by the stories in the lyrics, by the beat, and follow my body. I just let it flow. I love any kind of dance, tell me what to dance, and I'll dance; traditional, modern, jazz, contemporary and others too... I may not be a professional dancer, but I'm willing to learn, twist my ankle, and get soar. I'm willing to enjoy every second of the practice, and on stage.
Dancing is something I'm passionate about the time when I express my feelings and my emotions.

I think... Dancing and music go hand in hand.

Music, is my lover, it's my rock. I go listen to music whenever I'm happy, sad, angry, moody, all the time basically. The time when I reflect to myself, my day, and my life is when I listen to music. I love any kind of music as long as I like the beat. First I like POP then I moved to Jazz when my mom Introduces me to Diana Krall 'I do' and then I experienced blues, country, reggae, house and finally find my love... in Soul, RnB, and HipHop.I still love other genres, I don't mind listening to them... but These three is what I'm uhm... known about? hahaha since I listen to them all the time, and it's number one on my playlist on SoundCloud.

I knew Nelly, Destiny's child, NeYo, Chris Brown, PITBULL (omg remember my post about his concert? HERE & HERE) and then it get deeper as I know more about the genre. Now I like so many of them from ASAP ROCKY, Drake, Nicki Minaj to JayZ, and Kendrick Lamar, and the list goes on and on and on...
For some singers, I may not know their full album, or like all the songs, but I do listen to them, often.

When there is music and there is me, oh well.. expect the worst... no, just kidding, EXPECT FUN. It's always fun listening songs with me, guaranteed.

Here's a few of my current favorites:

 It sounds different, but different is what I like. 
This album is amazing, I love it, I like it, and I listen to it everyday for the last 3 weeks. 
If you have to give an award to the best singer and entertainer you have to give it to QUEEN B. Her songs are so powerful, and emotional. And the fact that she's putting out 14 songs with 17 videos at the same fucking time is ground breaking. 
I don't care about all this rumors about her and her family and the Rock-A-Fella, I think it's amazing what they do in the music industry. 
As long as a person can inspire you and motivate you, why do you have to be so negative? And as the icing of the cake it happens to be a stunning, powerful women with cherry on top which is a power-house voice. 
She is such a genius for making this album happen. We love you Beyyyy. 
And btw, you too have as many hours as Beyonce, so go get your dreams and make it happen.

P.S my favorite is XO, Yonce / Partition, and Drunk In Love, Flawless...Oh and obviously, No Angels.. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The women in Ulyana's collection are femme fatales looking for adventures and fun, ready for a train travel.
Ulyana Sergeenko tells a story through her show, from the bed, to the business empowerment attire, to the luck-bringing bird. However, what she shows us is a powerful and confidence woman.
The collection has an Oriental touch in the accessories and embroideries clutches. The turban-esque and the headpieces complements the hair style that completes the whole old-glamorous collection.
Not only that she has a good sense of style but her delicately detailed craftsmanship is why Ulyana is worth to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. --- "A striped silk dress looks like a print, but is actually painstakingly composed of strips of fabric." 



Stéphane Rolland the powerful collection screams haute couture loud and clear.
What makes me so interested and obsessed about the collection is the futuristic designs.
The cutouts, the broad shoulders, the ombré, the sheer elements, the water inspired drapery, the black and white accents, and the loudest fashion statement of all: the butterfly dress with a stunning stunning train.


Inspired by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The 19th century Dutch painter who is known for the way he features flowers and textures. Elie Saab portrays a blooming garden full of crystal embellishments. From white roses to black lilacs. 
The organza and tulle fabrics makes the collection be more romantic and delicate.
Although the Lebanese designer did make a repetition of a few designs for different colors, accessories, and embellishments, I still strongly believe a lot of stunners will be pictured wearing these iconic dresses.
This below is my favorite; I love the plunging neckline, the folds on the waist, the feminine drapery and the ruffles at the bottom of the dress.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Happy as in congratulations for the new year, and congratulations for getting through the year before
Happy for the feeling that you and I will enjoy for the rest of the year
New Year for a new start in a year that is unpredictable, with so many opportunities and chances ahead. 
Let's be a better version of ourselves, and embark this new journey of experiences, lesson, love, and laughs. 
For I hope, there will be no sadness, no miserable days, no gloomy weather, and no negative vibes that will ruin our happiness.

-Athaya S


I am speechless, out of words. I have nothing to say other than "brilliant". 

This collection is indeed very utterly brilliant; it's très chic, it's modern and it got the futuristic vibe, it's CHANEL.
Although it may look like a sports luxe collection, but these clothes are unlikely to be in any gym. It's too CHANEL for sports. 
The message sent through the fashion show was very vibrant, and exciting. Showing how CHANEL could make very common accessories look like a million bucks designed by CHANEL Atelier and styled with their stunning stunning designs.

Karl is the living proof of a creative mind; as a designer of a very influential brand and fashion house, he is indeed a genius. He's able to predict what the people will lust, what trend are going to be in again, the styling that people will want, and the prediction that people expect from the house of CHANEL. And to add it all together, he's able to show a collection that is beyond people's prediction. He even make fanny pack look fashionable.The metallic crystal encrusted elbows and knee pads are even look chic. - I may going to start rollerblading again!
The detailing is magnifique, the designs are genius, and the embellishments are exquisite. Very luxurious yet simple. Not many jewellery, very light and youthful, not many skin showed, maybe sheer but not over baring skin with lady like colors. The models were very energetic, they look very easy going and not stiff. They walked down the stairs in a playful manner. Nothing serious, the orchestra was playing modern songs yet it sounds really classy and soothing. I think everything was wrapped very well together.

I quote: "Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel's president of fashion, told Women's Wear Daily last week, adding that there is growing interest in this, fashion's most rarefied craft form. 'It's about understanding what's behind the dress,' Pavlovsky said." 

The story, the journey, and the woman behind the dress is the most important thing.

See it for yourself...

ABOCS by Catherine Soepadhi - RIHE à JFW14

Congratulations to Catherine for the stunning collection!!! Her collection is one the collections that stood out. She is very eccentric in a really good way. Her choices of fabrics is amazing. It's the fantasy in every design that I adore. The drapes, the touch of nature, the styling, and the design shows how talented the designer is. She is one of the designers that will take the fashion industry by storm. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the invitation Cathrine. Xo


Diamond Dust - A sweet sweet collection from Daniella. The lady like design is really romantic, I like the flow of the collection, really calm and girly. Perfect for the day and night events. The one thing I really admired about this collection is the beaded and embellishments. And the heels make it seems like they're walking in the water. It's a very elegant collection yet the structure is really modern.

Ivon Limadhy - RIHE à JFW14

Libery Fatali - this super edgy and powerful collection was one of my favorite. The fabric choices was representing power and supported by the amount of studs used. I love studs, anything studded are chic. Not to forget, the design really speak for itself. Definitely a collection for those who wants to make a bold statement!


I love the way she captures romance and love.

"..With a touch of love everyone becomes a poet"

This collection is like a poet to me. I can feel the love in the room when the first model came out. I think the flower touch and the selection of fabrics really suits the mood the designer set for the audience.

Maria Valentine Lidya - RIHE à JFW14

Pasts Lesson Future Protection - This one of a kind collections really took us by surprise. I really like designers that put their everything to their collection and thinking out of the box, it may not be everyone's cup of tea but it sure does turn everyone's head. The structure is really gorgeous, then there is the youthful pattern, the choices of colors were very soothing and it contrasts with the edgy heels, which was my favorite!!


Her Collection is my favorite of the day, her flattering designs but yet sexy really shows the women curves. Her women is powerful, sophisticate and elegant. Peggy Hartanto designs are worn by famous hollywood artist in prestigous events, the latest was in Golden Globe After Party by Odette Anabelle
source: linked on the photo

She's obviously ONE TO WATCH : Designer and someone who have a very bright future in the fashion industry!