Monday, June 30, 2014


Car fragrance: FrappersID

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Singapore - White Noise

Last day, so I decided to go out early after breakfast and went to stores in Orchard Road. It was a quite morning, and my flight was in the afternoon so I don't have much time even though I was so sad that I couldn't get any $1 ice cream, maybe it was too early in the morning. Sigh. Anyway, but the stores like H&M was already had a queue in the cashier line though.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Singapore - WANDERLUST

   That day, I went out with my friend who now lives in Singapore due to college.
I told her that I wanted to go to different places not only in Orchard Road. I was googling and I came across the name "Shop Wonderland" in Hajj Lane, my friend then told me that in Hajj Lane there are a lot of cute lil cafes along with vintage shops.
With no hesitation, we decided that our destination was to Hajj Lane!

   I love cute lil cafe! I'm so fascinated by it thus, every time I get the chance to drop by I would stay there as long as I could; it's one of my ideas of relaxing. 

   The colorful walls in Hajj Lane and around Arab Street are so much fun. It gives energy back to the neighborhood and excitement to the people who sees it. 

   We stayed at Shop Wonderland Cafe after wandering around the shops in Hajj Lane. I had an ice coffee and she had a cappuccino accompanied by a slice of heaven a.k.a red velvet cake! We had a lil girl talk and some gossips ;)

   Singapore is famous for the shopping experience, but I never thought that they have a terrific art collection.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Singapore - A Milly New York Moment

This was super fun to do. I had an amazing time dressing up and doing the make up... it's just a relaxing time for myself, I guess. 

It was for my brother's early birthday dinner and we decided to get dolled up and be fancy in Singapore. I did bring an evening dress just in case, always and some statement jewelery, of course ;)

I recently got supper obsessed with pearls. I wanted to bring my pearl necklace but when I tried to take it from the necklace hanger it broke and it fell apart, like my heart when I saw it... exaggerating, but true. It was from my grandma so I was just sad, so sad. 
Then I remember I have this pearl bracelet, so I brought it along with this chandelier earring. 
The necklace is now sitting in a silk necklace box where it should be until it got fix.

The dress is from Milly by Milly New York Original, chandelier earring is from Diva Accessories, the bracelet is vintage another gift from my grandma, thr ring is from H&M and heels is from a boutique in EX Mall Jakarta, it's called AMANTE.

P.S: There is a link to 15sec video below, click for more and press play!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Singapore - New York - Jakarta

Shopping is no doubt the most fun and relaxing therapy thus it called retail therapy. So around orchard road there are few things I bought and that I think is not out yet in Jakarta and some are even far more cheaper due to their sale. It was absolutely insane!

Talking about shopping and fashion, I was so sad that I came a lil too early to Singapore because they had Audi Fashion Festival 2014 just a few days after I left. I did put a link to a video of Audi Fashion Festival youtube channel so you could see it and find out more about them. 

I was feeling a bit sporty that day so I wore this Yankees jersey from my homie that love baseball. And put some girly touch with the lace camisole top and some jeans shorts from New Look that has some sequins on it, I pair them with some converse to stay on the sporty theme with my hair tied. For accessories, I was wearing my Gucci bag, and Mawi necklace that I just completely obsessed with.

Stay Stylish,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Singapore - More ice cream, please?

When we arrived in Singapore it was still morning, well, around brunch time to be exact.
So, we had brunch at Paragon and then we, well, I, had too many ice creams....


I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Singapore's $1 ice cream. I think nothing can ever imitate or copy cat that ice cream.... seriously! I've tried everything in Jakarta that wants to imitate that and nothing really compares to Singapore's original $1 ice cream! 
If you ever want to try them: it's really hard to miss them because they're all around Orchard Road, with the umbrella and ice cream bikes. Go try it!

And when my mom and grandma shopped in Takashimaya, my brother and I decided to go around by ourselves. 
My brother wants to get a headset, and we looked all over for it. 
We finally bought it in a store called, Stereo in ION Orchard. The beat was cray, my brother said it was legit dope... hahaha anyway the headset's brand is called Coloud (the pic is down below) and yes it was dope. I kinda regret that I didn't get it! It was on sale for god's sake, that's one sign already!

Lesson learned: if it's on sale and you want it, buy it and don't ever doubt it
Worst comes to worst, you can give it to someone as a souvenir or a gift. 

In Takashimaya Food Court near TORI-Q

So yea, and then I didn't get anything that day because when I scan through the stores like H&M and other stores in ION nothing really excites me, and I just thought I can get it in Jakarta - since they recently opened a new H&M store 15 mins away from my house. But the top in the picture below is from Indonesia's H&M and I saw it in Singapore's H&M also so I think it's everywhere... And the super super fluffy and soft short is from

Nevertheless, what I did get was another ice cream! YAYYYYY it was a green tea and everybody knows I'm all about green tea everything ;) so when I saw someone was eating it, I just gotta ask where they bought it. And it was so friggin good. I mean, the green tea was just on point. I love the texture and how tall the ice cream was. Super recommended. 

And in the afternoon around 3ish, we went back to the hotel, and just lounging around the room and the hotel's swimming pool. I took some selfies (...obviously) while dancing to Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft Charlie XCX. Love their music video!

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Stay Stylish,

Thursday, June 12, 2014



Not long ago, early May, I went to Singapore to celebrate my brother's birthday. Went there with my Mother, GrandMa and of course, the birthday Boiii.

Singapore and Jakarta are pretty close so it was a short flight, and an early one also.
We arrived in Singapore in the morning and as you can see in the picture below, the sun was shining. It was not as hot as Jakarta; in Jakarta it's humid and hot but in Singapore it was more like windy even though the sun was still blazing.

I was wearing a sweatshirt from PINK by Victoria Secret. I did a DIY crop top because I have two of them and I'm not really into this color, so I thought, to make me want to wear it I need to do something with it. Then, I decided to cut it and voila! now, I wear it more often than when it was still a sweater. CLICK to see the pic before I cut it. It's very comfortable and suitable for a hot hot summer.
Then, I style it with overalls, because overalls just screams vacation to me. And the sling bag is Gucci. I personally love the gold hook detail, because I think it's very timeless Gucci.

Stay Stylish,

Sunday, June 08, 2014

ALI CHARISMA, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week introduces me to many of Indonesia's top Designers, including Ali Charisma.
His collection was my ultimate favorite from this year Indonesia Fashion Week; it was everything that I predicted, expected and I lust for this year.
It was edgy and classic, exactly what I love.

 The gowns felt so futuristic, well the whole collection did. Ali Charisma incorporated metallic touch on his designs, which made the collection came to life.
The cut outs on the gowns were enough to make the peek a boo effect without looking over dramatic. The sheer effect was stunning, and so does the leather which made the dresses have more dimensions. I love the pattern and the lace because it adds delicate touch on the futuristic-tough girl look. Ali also did some variations in his collection; for example he got the sports luxe gowns, the elegant lace dress and the powerful women gowns with the broad shoulder. He also got that sexy black sheer gown and the plunging neckline, which was stunning! 
Even though he added the metallic silver color, he sticks with neutral tone for the base colors like black, dark grey and brown.
However, still with the edgy and young feeling, the first set of the collection was bolder with the metallic skirt and electric blue crop tops.

Talking about the first set of the collection, it was more to a ready-to-wear collection. 
Of course there were statement pieces, but in my styling book, you should always have a statement piece

And what give more statement than a metallic silver skirt with a high slit at the back aaaaaaand a color coordinated fringe clutch? OH MY OH MY, that outfit gives me life

I do have to apology in advance for the not-so-good quality pictures, no excuses, except for I was just so happy with the collection, my hand started to shake and not focus on the camera. Anyway, my point being is… the ready to wear collection obviously was something that I just want to raid from the backstage rolling closet directly after the show. OBSESSED!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

SAID MAHROUF, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014


Said Mahrouf studied fashion in both Europe and United States. He designed haute couture, costumes for performances and also prêt-à-porter collection. He presented his first haute couture collection in Morocco where he came from, before living in Amsterdam since he was 9. This particular collection right here, has been walking down in 3 different countries.
Shine bright like a diamond was playing in my head when the collection, "Shades of Grey" walked down the Indonesia Fashion Week runway. It was so sparkling, and so exciting. It was simple, and effortless...  Not everyone could pull off the effortless look but this collection makes it accessible with that je ne sais quoi. I love the jumpsuit because personally, I think that making a jumpsuit is very tricky but in this case it was tailored perfectly. And of course, I love me some plunging neckline, so sexy and sophisticated. I'm not into peplum trends anymore but the slit trend is my fave and the drapery on the other dresses are very chic as well. This collection is very suitable for red carpets, prom nights, bridesmaids dresses, cocktail parties, and launching party. 

Friday, June 06, 2014

STeVeN TACH, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

A great buy and a perfect piece is when you can pair it with anything, and when you can wear it for a pretty long time. It shows the quality of the product and how versatile it is. And It is the most stylish investment. 
Steven Tach's collection is exactly what I meant.
It's not just some basic pieces, but it's something that you need to have in your closet. A leather blazer (duh!), a white leather jacket (yes, please?) and white crop top outerwear (need!). These three, you can mix and match what ever you like, make it fancy or make it casual. You can just pull it out of your closet and it will instantly upgrade your look. Oh and btw, the fabric is very comfortable.

click for more pics and some styling example!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

IKA BUTONI, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Loving the details on the long evening gowns but not so fond of the hats...
The leather gowns and this gown right here has got to be my favorite! Insane detailing, the choice of fabrics, the designs, the cut, the backless and the lace... OH SO ELEGANT

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Luwi Saluadji, Bazaar Wedding Fashion Show Part I

Editor's Pick
Editor's Pick

"It Takes Two to Tango"

Not long ago I attended the Bazaar Wedding Exhibition at Pacific Place. I went there last year, and this year they upgraded themselves to a bigger area, bigger crowd and more exhibitors.

For you soon to be bride and groom, Bazaar Exhibition is a must-go destination for everything wedding inspirations. This year concept was "One Stop Wedding Gallery", where they offered everything from the dress, the makeup, the decoration, the entertainer, the organizer, the pre-wed rituals, the photographers, the invitation, and down to the merchandise.
Go follow them on twitter for more info and upcoming event: @bazaarindonesia

One of the main events in the annual Bazaar Wedding Exhibition is the fashion show. There were 8 designers this year; Andreas Odang, Bvlgari, Billy Tjong, Wong Hang & Michelle Worth, Ivan Gunawan, Hian Tjen and Luwi Saluadji.

I was so excited to see Luwi Saluadji's show because I was so intrigued by his take on Batik, and I wanted to see more of his designs in person. 
Batik is one of Indonesia's most well known heritages. It is a technique of manual wax-resist dyeing applied to a whole cloth, or a cloth made by using this technique. And Luwi is known for his creative hands designing a collection that always involve one of Indonesia's characteristic. This time, he incorporates Batik into his design.

I’m glad that I came... I was so entertained, my eyes and ears were satisfied by the show.
Why ears, you say? Because you will see below that in Luwi’s show there were singers and a saxophone player entertaining us in between sets. And the models were not all models; there were familiar faces (TV actors).
My eyes were enlightened by the collection. Nowadays many women don’t necessarily like the idea of wearing traditional dress for her special day, including me. But I must say Luwi’s version of an inspired traditional wedding dress made me changed my mind. It was young, flirty and yet traditional. It was sexy, but still conservative and appropriate for weddings. It was elegant and edgy at the same time. The cut, the embroidery, the lace, the designs… J’adore. 

There are some dresses that for me were a classic, not really my cup of tea but they were no doubt designed to make a stunning bride.
The groom were not forgotten, there were two of my favorites; as you can see here and I just love the twist on the white tuxedo at the back, it was different and unexpected and give more dimension and more story to the wedding ceremony. The collar on the black tuxedo is my favorite; it looks amazing on the model. They even had a hat, blangkon, bow tie, and traditional Javanese accessories. So dapper!

All and all, I was so inspired by the show and the exhibition. They opens my eye even more on how many details could go into a wedding and how amazing a wedding could be by having these details. 

For more pictures you can click below and the part 2 will be coming right up ;)

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Editor's Pick