Wednesday, April 27, 2016


 It's been a year since I went to the US with my grandma for a month. 
It was a dream come true and I'm so grateful to have spent it with her.

I'm so close to my grandma, I used to live with her for a long time. And since I'm studying abroad now, having that quality time with her was incredible. She's extraordinarily inspiring.

My grandma is a lot of things. She used to be in the pageant, she knows all about gun and how to use em, she dances sooo well, she dresses impeccably, she speaks more than 5 languages, she used to own a boutique, flower shop (our house had the most beautiful flower arrangements) and a saloon. Like what? And in between all that she had to fit in the schedule of being the wife of head of customs in Indonesia and a mother of 7 kids.

 She is inspiring, in the way she lives her life, her attitude, the way she thinks and the outpouring love she has towards her family.

Whenever we have time together we always do our tradition, such as going to the saloon, have a cone of ice cream, go to the cinema or have a girls day out. Sometimes, she asks me to accompany her to 'arisan'* and when I do, her friends always spills the bean about how she was.

According to them, she was popular because she's very sociable, smart, kind and pretty. She used to go to school with big earrings that she designed herself, and people call her Sally, short for Salamah.

Guys with the rank of a general to entrepreneur, they came to her house on Saturday nights and brought her flowers - hoping to get her heart. 
She always told me when it comes to love:
"the right one will come on the right time, and when he does you'll feel it".
That's when she chooses my grandpa, my grandpa might come from a humble family however he was the definition of what is a gentleman should be. He was brave, confident, humble, loyal, royal, passionate, patient and have the qualities of a chivalry. 
Three months after their first date, they got married and have 7 children and 16 grandchild. 
They better each other, support each other and love deeply towards each other. They never fought, maybe once in their 30+ years of marriage.
My grandpa passed away 22 years ago, exactly a year before I was born. Though, she was alone but she always stays positive and strong. She is indeed, one of the strongest women I know. 

She is very creative, and detail oriented as in she always found ways to keep the fun and excitement in the family. Like arranging a Japanese style dinner, or holidays. Keeping the family close, with her authentic charms. I think, that's why my family is very family oriented.

Her taste is on point, I'm sorry LJ, but Uti is the first one I turn to for styling tips.
She ages very gracefully and stylishly. When I told people that she's 82 years, no one believes me. When we were in the US, they thought she's my mother. She said, this is due to beauty secrets she did when she was my age. Like, tea mask, body scrub and 'jamu'**.

I try to call her at least twice a week, I miss her so much! her hugs and our lil beauty routines together while watching telenovela. Also, she lovessssss music; any music, classic, orchestra, and even when I play hiphop she'd be nodding her head. J'adore, Uti <3

Oh, did I tell you... She has traveled the world, from Monte Carlo, to Ka'bah, to the Niagra Falls, to Big Ben, to the land down under... She has seen it all, and that is #lifegoals.

*a social gathering that takes place at a fixed interval, each member will take turn. The rotating arisan holder (drawn by lots) receives payment from each other member and provides food for those members. In the course of the arisan the amount paid to other members will equal the amount received when the arisan is held. 
**is traditional medicine in Indonesia. It is predominantly herbal medicine made from natural materials, such as parts of plants such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits.








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Thursday, April 14, 2016

'Padma' BaliJava by Denny Wirawan in F/W 2016 NYFW #IndonesiansinAmerica

Our heritage is one of the most prestigious things we can show to the world. It is our identity, it is ours.

It may not be the first time Indonesian designer has shine in the western country, especially the United States of America. But it never not a proud moment when another designer brought Indonesia to the world.

Denny Wirawan is always making me proud with everything he does in the industry. I love how he stays true to himself while keeping up with the ever evolving world.

Working with Djarum Foundation, Oscar Daniel and EPAJEWEL, he brought Batik Indonesia to New York Fashion Week 2016. His collection BaliJava with Batik Kudus is one of my favorite, because it's modern, fresh and as always elegant. Ready to wear pieces; layering tops, outer, long skirt, pants, capes, and dresses (can be mix and match of course), blends with the pattern and Wirawan's very own embroidery technique. The show was held at the Ballroom of Hotel Affinia in Manhattan.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fashion Revolution is Back, Baby!

With a genuine will, helping those who make us look chic at all times. Everybody have the rights to be treated in the most humanly possible, to be recognized, and appreciated for their hard work.

Fast fashion or any fashion should always takes care of their workers, through a CSR program or not, worker's health and safety should be prioritized.

Also, the customer should always consider the hours spent for every garments they hold when buying clothes and ask themselves, "is the price right for all the resources gathered to make this?".

Help us raise awareness and join the campaign, here are the official accounts:

Instagram: @fash_rev

Indonesian account:
Instagram: @fash_revid
Twitter: @fash_revid

Find your country representative HERE!
Check out my first post about Fashion Revolution HERE

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