Saturday, December 30, 2017

OCTOBER in December

Self control.
I lost myself because what I went through was out of my control.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Loved and Lost. Vol. II

For the people that I've had the pleasure of knowing. For the people that are experiencing life with me. This is not an end to anything, just simply an update of another chapter in my life. -

Thursday, November 16, 2017

SEPTEMBER in November

Feeling anew. I took my time to heal properly, for me.
Refusing to make the same mistake and to repeat the karmic cycle, brought me to a transitional period. This is where I slow down and get away from those that interfere and distracts my inner tranquility. I believe that when I do this, profound calmness will be available at all times.
To nurture, to heal and to restore with more understanding about the universe.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

AUGUST in October

A realization. A lesson. Just like regret, they always comes at the end. But no, no regret! Only lessons.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

JULY in September

How do you love?

To know yourself is to know how you love.

I'm not only talking about romance or relationship in particular.
I'm talking about love for the world, nature, humanity, peace, solitude, and those who holds a special place in your life, in your heart. 

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

JUNE in September

I thought I was lost, turns out it was just part of the road to get me to where I'm meant to be.


Saturday, September 02, 2017

MAY in September

I honestly, don't know where to start.
Let's be honest, I can't be completely open to you.

Because...well one, everything links up with one another, I've learned from my past and am still trying to be a better version of myself. It is impossible to tell you everything... not now at least. Second, it's too personal that not everyone would be willing to understand and I've learned that everyone would see things from their perspective. Which is fine, but it brings us to the last thing, that even if I tell you 'everything' it's still half of the half.

But, here's what I can promise you - it's based on true story, my story.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer with Warby Parker

This summer will be as colorful (if not more than) as the picture above. I could already tell! 

The energy and excitement this summer has got me feeling like I wanna go bare; 
no make up, tan skin, wavy hair. Most importantly, I wanna leave my contact lenses at home! 
Personally, wearing lenses is becoming such a chore to me. All the restrictions and eye drops I have to take every now and then - no no, it would totally disrupt my summer plans. 
Nowadays, I'd prefer to go with my eyeglasses wherever I go. 
Especially when the eyeglasses are as stylish as 
Warby Parker latest collection: Mixed Materials Eyewear. 
Summer ready! 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

June. —

We're six months into 2017, I'm taking it as a milestone to reflect on my new years' resolution:

"... So I'm going into the new year with goals to look out for me better. To put my mind, energy, time and effort into things and people that I believe in, and believes in me. ..."

Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's make this thing, an us thing.

Hey guys,

Lately, more than ever, I treasure relationships that I've built over the years and those that are new that I feel like I don't want to end anytime soon...

Sunday, March 05, 2017

good girl.

Hey guys,

It's been so long overdue but It's finally here. 
A little throwback and some new ones are added to help boost your mood.
These songs gives me so much energy, I could be having the worst mood and these songs would change it within minutes, esp Fucking Problems. 
Makes me want to dance and that makes me happy. 
HipHop has my heart, here are what's on my rotation.

I hope you enjoy it.


Photos by Muhtarom Zain
Instagram: @muhtaromzain

Stay Stylish,

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Soulection Sunday

Hey guys,

Ugh, I'm not complaining because it has been such a pleasure and blessing. But, I'm sure you know how I'm feeling, that February is almost coming to an end. I was SO excited about this year's because of SO many things. One of them was because I got to see Soulection's very own Joe Kay live! How insane, I mean I've been listening to Soulection since Show 230 and have never missed a show. I've been religiously listening to them. It's just, they have good music and good music makes me happy.

You have no idea, how I was really looking forward to yesterday, which was the day of the event, I had butterflies in my stomach, that's how excited I was. I first knew about Soulection from ESTA
which he's just on another level. And since then, I've dedicated my Sundays for Soulection & chill.

Soundcloud played a big role of discovering Soulection and other amazing artists that I've been a fan of. And sometimes I'm selfish because I kinda don't want a lot of people to know about them because I want them all to myself but then again their music is amazing and I want to share more about them.

Anyways, this Sunday I want to dedicate the Playlist to SoundCloud, I made a new playlist called 5 for February17. I hope you can vibe to it and have a blessed Sunday, love.

P.S: the Solection Tour was lit, I had so much fun though not many of my friends listen to Soulection thus I don't have my friends with me there but I get to enjoyed it with people that actually appreciate their music. It was a VIBE. You'd already know if you follow me on Instagram ;)

Stay Stylish,

Saturday, February 18, 2017

pancakes for breakfast.

"Never underestimate the power of making her pancakes on a Sunday morning" -J.M Storm

I think breakfast dates should be a thing, don't you? Whether it's cooking at home, a picnic or at a cozy pancake house, I think waking up early to spend more time with that special person in your life is lovely. 

I'm selfish when it comes to my Sunday and who I spend it with. I want it to be relax, I want it to be adventurous, I want it to be breathtaking. Filled with genuine feelings, good company, good food and good music. Whether it's dancing in the living room or salsa dancing at a Tapas Restaurant. Museum hopping or going to a flea market. 

But it doesn't always about doing something, sometimes it's all about doing absolutely nothing with the person you love. A lazy Sunday.

This playlist is something that I'd play on a Sunday throughout the day; from waking up in the morning, taking a bath, making pancakes, reading a book and everything in between. Bossa nova, jazz, something light and something easy without much thinking.

I hope you feel blessed this Sunday, enjoy!

Stay Stylish,

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


For you thirsty hearts,

Someone who loves love, a hopeless romantic and a beautiful soul.
This playlist, I made wholeheartedly for you who craves love and affection.
If you're lucky enough to have someone to enjoy this day with, I hope you feel loved and special. 
If not, I believe one day you will have that someone. Someone who appreciate love as much as you do, obsessed with you, someone that you can have real conversations with, someone that you can get a lil freaky with, someone that you can be yourself around with. The homie, lover type ;)

All this playlist ever need are candles, dim lights and one passionate love.

Happy love day,

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Hey guys,

How's February treating you so far? I hope you feel loved and blessed.
This year, I'm focusing on my inner peace, inner happiness. So, it's important that things and people around me makes me feel at peace and happy.

Starting last December, it began with a music party in the city. That night, I dance and dance and dance. I was so happy because they play my songs and all I can think of is the music and dancing. You have no idea how long I've been longing to just dance to my music surrounded with people who understands the music. After that night, I just have such good vibes around me. I'm more grateful towards little things and just more positive towards life. It;s amazing how music can give such big impact towards you.

I don't have much source of happiness lately, because as I grow older I feel like it's all about the quality not the quantity. One of them is obviously, music. I pretty much listen to music all day every day. I crave good music, I'm always somewhere on the internet digging to find new music. New music in this case is not necessarily new releases, just music that I haven't listen to. And I'm the happiest when I linked up with people that likes the same music as I do. People that talk the same language. People that I can have real conversations with. That's rare nowadays, so if I do I cherish them, truly.

This VDAY17 I set up a playlist for you to dance to. Love or relationship or just you know.... ;) These songs are from the '90s, '00s and new releases. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think and leave a comment if you have songs that I should listen to!

Stay Stylish,

Sunday, February 05, 2017


Hey guys,

Happy February 5th!! I'm so excited to finally post my first playlist of the 4 playlists I will be posting every Sunday this month.

This year, unlike previous years, I don't have a particular vibe. It's more to just what I'm feeling from the beat, the words or the meaning behind the music.

I had a lil birthday soiree last night with two of my bestfriends and my brother, the music was SO DAMN GOOD and it was perfect... what's missing is only my mom. She was pretty tired so she couldn't make it. But other than that, I was beyond happy.

22, I am praying heavy that you will bring more blessings into my life. More life's best surprises. I can't wait to unravel what God has planned for me this year. I am grateful that God is working on me endlessly and thankful thankful thankful for everything. Also praying to be able to find someone that I can share my love and passion with.

I recently got an advice from a very wise man, to focus on me first and if it's time that special someone will come. And I will do that, I will put my faith in God, in God's timing and focus on what I have now.

I have so many things planned, and this year is time to get back to work. Last year, the first half it was all about university and the second half was all about having fun. This year, is all about balance. Because everything that is 'too much' is never good.

Lastly, I want to thank you for the wishes through social media and text messages. everything has been wonderful and so lovely. Same prayer goes to you! I wish you all nothing but success and happiness this year. Love.

P.S. leave me a comment or shoot me a message letting me know your favorite song that I should put on my next playlist, greatly appreciate it x

Stay Stylish,